Red-haired judge said to the next person:

"The youth is really, the liver is growing, if the dancing dance is excellent, if not normal or normal dancing, will make the expectations relatively high viewer becomes. disappointed."

Judge sitting next to the nod of excitement:

"Yes, to do so too risky, not good for the whole army will be killed, this is the team of Nirvana, if old Zhang know the pupil below work like this, do not know will appear face What else? "

Pink hair judge shook his head laughing.

As the two of them talked, Nirvana practitioners prepared themselves, the music just rang, everyone's eyes were on the stage.

One girl just stepped onto the stage, the other laughed at the girl, the girl wearing a chef uniform, high hat on the head, looking over the lovely. The girls dance a clacket dance (dance tap dance), hops stacked on top of each other, occasionally co-ordinate the series of moves like the chef is working, not difficult choreography, along with The rhythm of the drumbeat was fervent, looking at both beautiful and powerful, and the auditorium burst into flames.

The first student to dance the clacket just finished the drum sound, Forget immediately after that no stop, the music style changes, the guitar sound suddenly resound.

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