The second student to dance was an aristocrat dance, similar to the previous schoolgirl, dressed in a uniform, without a student dress, sexy and beautiful coexistence in the precious jump. The tribe on stage occasionally leads to each clap ...

Third person, fourth, fifth ...

Hot samba dance, strong hip-hop, soft ethnic dance ...

Each dance ended, followed by music that did not stop.

Wearing a white dress, dresses, maidens .... The profession of the girls on behalf of the order of up, enjoy dancing their strength.

To the last one, followed by a powerful drumbeat, a two-time drumbeat ... The drumbeat was as heavy as it was intended to strike deep into the heart.

Wearing a white shirt, black trousers, all of the hair was wrapped in a hat, Sam sampled the rhythm from the side of the stage up.

At the moment Sam stood up, the sound of the trumpet sounded a powerful rhythm, the sound suddenly resounded throughout the hall!

"Mr." an hour, like in a moment of music, the auditorium suddenly burst!

"Beat it!"

However, he chose Rock and Roll for "Beat It."

Great liver, too risky!

Normally, this is a big traditional dance match, she dares to choose a rock and roll song to dance, even the three judges are amazed to sit straight up.

But the big liver is still behind, Uncle Sam is not following the old dance steps Michael dance, she completely changed all the style of dance, combining modern dance with free dance for a moment or not gas in the hall!

Raise your hands, move quickly, move like fire!

As strong as the newspaper, she basically does not look at the soft lovely feminine, she is as nimble as the electricity, each leg, each rotation is short with no mesmerizing melons.

The music is arranged like that, considering the nature of the dance still has a lot of defects, but she is extremely clever, rock style style and rock hard to get her adjusted by putting on the movement. Looking through the very simple but practical to do is a high degree of difficulty.

When the guitar solo was almost finished, the whole hall was thoroughly burned, the cheering sounded, the whistling sounded loudly, the continuous clapping of hands, the guitar is nearing its end, Khuong Sam quickly regains his pose, his wrists move slightly, the gracefully wide cap is slowly removed, a long black hair is released naturally!

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