Joe, how do you feel at first glance? Can go? "In front of the cafeteria, Ha Xiao love next to ask a hundred times eight times Joe, thought his direction to confirm his image perfectly not chipping. Niu Huan, how she wants to meet people, but not the money people want to meet also can not meet the characters, it is very urgent home. "Very beautiful." Joe replied helplessly. These words he was on the road said no more than a hundred times. "You're so quick, Joe. Do you feel like he will like me? "She pulled back the skirt of her hair. "I feel like she likes him or not is important," he sighed. "Why are you saying that?" Ha Xiao suddenly stopped the price, skeptical raised his eyes. "Have you heard this or not, expect more and more, disappointment grows. He scared her to bring her imagination to the perfect, the results when seen in real life, the opposite will be very disappointed. "Joe frown. Since he had said Huan agreed to meet her, her emotions were so high that even the week had not stopped, so he could not help but worry. "My intention is to tell you not to be, is he really ugly?" She asked, raising her eyes. "Is not your appearance the most important thing to you?" Joe k replied to her. "Of course." Ha Xiao love without hesitation nodded, not pay attention to people being told because of appearance. "Nowadays, who does not pay attention to the exterior? Saying no need is a lie. "A little, she quickly stared at Joe and asked:" So Niu Huan is really bad? "" I have not seen him yet. " "What do you do to scare me?" "I just want you to prepare a little bit of psychology." Joe shrugged innocently. As they say they are absolutely not a celebrity in society, the group of colleagues, if out of doors, is always the last person to notice. "So his style is so bad?" Ha Xao Love is not slightly exposed air of frustration. In the world of course there is no absolute perfect, the key is that this one lost, the sky is fair. "You have not beaten back yet?" She asked in frustration, Joe asked. "Why did not you hit back?" She suddenly looked at him "not Niu Huan is a media character, not everyone can have the charm to see him, know him, I have this opportunity Why do you give up? "" So you want to go? "" Of course! "As he stared, he could only say," Let's go. "Nodding, Two people together heading the cafeteria not far away that step. "Welcome." The waitress stood at the door as they pushed through the restaurant door, inside the waiter determined they had booked the table before, reverently leading them to where the two men were. sit waiting. They arrived, the two men immediately politely stood up to invite. Joe greeted her lover Ai Phu, she also had little knowledge before, so the remaining male is Niu Huan? Ha Xảo Love is not self assessment is the only stranger in front of her. He is very good with his imagination, unlike Joe said, is the last one to be noticed, because his height is too good. How tall are you? At least 1m85? Because Joe and A Phu are two feet tall. He stands up against them even higher! Except that time, though, he also has a temperament, a straightforward western hull, and a sense of well-being, a solid career, and a sense of community, like Joe and A Phu. Extraordinary, extraordinary, makes one feel alive, at least for her. On the rigid side, he says he does not have anything that does not fit his eyes, and he does not have glasses on his nose at all. "Are not we coming?" Asked Joe from Ai Phu. "No, we just arrived." He smiled to his lover, turning his head to her, "Little Miss Black, a time not seen, she is more attractive." You, Ai Phu. "Ha Xao Love the high corner of the mouth, which actively direction Niu Huan, naturally generous opening mouth said:" hello, I am Ha Xao Love. "" hello, I'm Niu Huan. "He took hold of her hand, her direction smiled slightly. "Listen to the name for a long time, today it's a great honor to meet you, Niu Huan born." "I too, Ha Xiao Females." "Well, Come on, my mission with Joe is completed, we two go one step ahead. "From Ai Phu looked at the two of them said, then wave waving Joe hand together shoulder off. "Invited to sit." Niu Huan direction she welcomed. Ha Xiao nodded and sat down. "You're a bit smaller than I thought." He looked at her neatly. "Which I compared to my imagination is still high self-esteem." She contemptuously, watching him recover

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