Nanking Huan not smiling: "You think she would meet a straight west man, out of the staff carefully meticulous care professional?" "He also thought to himself a female high self-esteem clothes, superficial, overwhelming confidence, air force? Sorry, I'm disappointed, "she said with wide open eyes. "Disappointed not, but not really want to have a little." Huan Huan smiled as she said. "The look of her personality is not very homogeneous." Because the appearance is completely a beautiful image of women with sweet temperament, not the same image of the pungent spirit that A Phu has spoken of. "Like you think the characters with fairy tales are the same. She nodded, one of the protesters knew. On the face of Huan Huan laughed again, a little thicker than a few. She was very interesting! "We came here to eat. You do not even order food? "He asked. She nodded. "I also think that I want to eat before, pretending to be a little girl, a little later, think of all the love you have brought to the jokes countless times, I think Missed it, "she said without hesitation. "Really sorry." Niu Huan said with a laugh. "He does not have the will." He looked at him a look. Nurse Huan brought the menu to her, abstaining from the desire to continue talking with her. He is afraid of continuing to chat, roughly straight when the restaurant is closed, they will also have free time to stop calling rice. This is the first time he has met and talked freely, he did not feel this woman is boring or impatient. The meeting with her was a good decision. Ha Xao Tinh called a hot spicy noodle dishes, Niu Huan call steak steak, the moment the two rice people chat a little bit, a little embarrassed or boring air is not there. Listening to many stories about her, for Niu Huan said, she is like a long-time friend, so a little new feeling is not there. For Ha Xao Tinh said that before the image of fine women in his eyes soon dissolve, hco should express gestures outside the natural not rigid. So two people in the same place feel comfortable naturally, not reluctantly. Finished food, waiters for their request that put on coffee, milk tea with cakes. "This place is not too bad, next time have the opportunity to come here to eat rice, may call this again," she nominated. "You like spicy food?" "I like spicy food." "I know a spicy eatery, next time we can go eat together." "What you mean is, you like me, we can. Have a date next? "Ha Xiao Contempt select pair of delicate, lean noodles track him asked. "As far as I know, she must have been a very confident person, and the result was not so predictable. Are not you? "Huan looked at her with a deep laugh. "No," she replied honestly. "For others coslex is so, but for me, a little ability I'm not sure about." Why? "His eyes flashed in curiosity. "He is Niu Huan! The famous character, a tremendous traction of the business world! "Her temperament to make Hui Niu not want to laugh:" she had heard before about me? " Nod nodded: "Otherwise, why do you think I and Joe are in intimidation with Joe Phu?" "My husband is clever?" she looked at her. Ha Xảo Feeling a little, momentary red face. Just know they are two mouths wide! "Want to laugh then laugh, anyway I soon know the absolute people will not ignore any opportunity to laugh at me." A shy embarrassment to wear, Ha Xao Love shouted low. "We did not laugh at her," said Huan. "It felt funny to me," she said sulkily. Laughing in his eyes, he could not help but sink into his eye socket, stretching to his face. "He said some people do not laugh at me!" Ha Xiao Love condemned his smiling face. "Forget about it, I know sooner or later that my image in my eyes is not worth talking about. She shrugged, revealing the demonstrations I had seen. "No matter how bad it is, I will not be shy. How do you feel? "She asked in a deep breath. "What?" Huan nodded to her question without head. "It is to marry me as my wife, as a smart old man of my home." He choked up on her throat, it is hard to be threatened by someone else speechless. He was staring at her for a moment, suddenly revealing a bit of laughter. "You always wanted to be so neat, so half the points did not waste a lot of time?" He asked her. "Focus on the goal then go brave, it's not soaked wet, this is my personality, I think you must know." He looked at him, the expression of his face must be. But I can not blame it. Niu Huan g

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