Anyway, I do not think that even your general decision can apply to this kind of attitude. "" Do you feel yourself unreliable? "He frowned, more and more adapting. Her talk style. "You know me well enough, so I can give you my future without hesitation?" "You do not really know me." She looked at each other, suddenly. Show off smart demonstrations, do the interview form. "Are you passionate about dishonesty? Smoking, alcohol, adventure, gambling? "Niu Huan is not self-control is shaking his head. "Smoking?" He shook his head again. "Good." She smiled casually, just nodding her head. "At present I know his name is Niu Huan, the hobby is suitable-even cigarettes do not smoke, has a smart head, asserted a lot of learning, building up the business from the white hands, As a manager of a financial company, the form is saying that there is still a gap, but a man of extraordinary intelligence, calm, powerless, extraordinary to me. " Thank you Huan Huan has a bad point bad smile bad response. So called is known? "Do not need gas." She smiled at him with a bright smile. He was a little shocked, finally laughing and shaking his head. There are points she beat. "How do you want to marry me?" Ha Xiao watched him ask. "First of all, what is the advantage you have for me to marry you?" Huan nodded slightly, admiring her. He said. "I look beautiful, straightforward personality, independent of the heart muscle is not joking. Moreover, I will not cling to him, not arrogant, do not like goods, have thoughts, have internal meaning, understand the meaning, know before know. I go back into the room, go to the kitchen, most importantly ... "she suddenly turned her body around her finger. Niu Huan is not self-directed her. "I'm on the verge of being very enthusiastic." She was blowing his voice in his ear. Even the stiff person, he just felt a gas thermo quickly spread to his face with two cheeks. He did not look at her, she turned his charming smile. "How do I qualify?" Ha Xiao laughed like a flower asked. Niu Huan leaned back on the back seat, piles of deep breaths, no trace of stability of her emotions were her emotions with desire. He looked deeply into her beautiful face. "where is Love? From beginning to end I have not heard her mention it, "he said. "I can confidently make you love me." She believed the ten, more than looking back at him. "As far as I know, she is beautiful, she determined I would love a flower bouquet of female flowers?" "Once married me to marriage will be absolutely faithful, this point he can rest assured." "What if I am unfaithful to the marriage?" Ha Xiao love is not gently frown: "he real flower heart?" Niu Huan really excited not to see her reveal the absent protest, immediately You showed your concern. "There is not, but who knows?" He shrugged, deliberately answering that. "There is no future, there will be no future." She suddenly sighed in relief, taking a fixed stance. "How do you know?" He asked curiously. "Because you wait for me to marry me, a fine woman who is a wife of good will, I will be in love with her island, not to be left out of her mind to glance at another woman." said up. "You are so confident." "This is my first good point, and later I found out too much," she said arrogantly, not feeling awkward. . Niu Huan feel she is really an interesting woman, not just rely on the interest and desire marriage can really stick to long? It may be possible to know for a short time, but the whole life is absolutely impossible. "If in the future I really love another person, more to discover the new one is true that this one I love the most, that you are not? Will you agree to divorce me? "he recalled smiling, taking the true look at her. Ha Xao The eyebrows frown at him one: "unmarried have talked about divorce, you really know how to assault my self confidence." She lips contemptuous. "If you want to invest, you have to know the policy beforehand, although not able to do 100%, but also must have 90% sure, if not able to return capital is not. And what can not I do not return? "" I'm not the deadline or the deadly chicken eggs, so can not say the capital or not? "She whispered. Niu Huan shocked a little, once again raised his mouth. "My man will not wrap his own stuff, he can be assured." Suddenly she took a deep breath, generously said: "If you do not heart my words, we can sign a marriage contract. "" contract before marriage? "Niu Huan excited watching her. This woman can always say the prayer. "You must know what that is?" She smiled. "See you today

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