Have prepared before, did not reach the purpose, vow not to skip right? "His eyes did not plaster nor stare at her. Niu Huan suddenly removed the eyeglasses on the nose down, then leaned back against the chair, the protagonist took a deep breath gazing at her. Ha Xảo Love to two eyes wide, look at him look blank glasses do not wear, there are points scared. "Aa, you do not wear glasses with glasses, how can be different like that home? You should throw away the other glasses right! "Her eyes lit up to look at his theistic eyes, straight screaming. Oa, the great lady! I do not think glasses can change the face of man, very unlikely! "Please let me take back the saying of how to distance a gap, Nietzsche marshal," she said gravely to him. "I need some time." He suddenly opened his mouth. "Huh?" She was astonished. "Okay, okay." Oa, he did not bring the glass as home. Having money, he is smart, really do not think the world really have this kind of man, it seems that if she wanted to win three opponents worth dying, how to make Niu Huan become her husband. Well, this is the good men afraid of women - yoke, say so? Govern me! In short, she had decided she had to make him an accomplice. Go up, Ha Xảo Tình. Fighting! Fighting! One day, two days, three days, three days, finally Niu Huan want her to worry about hours anymore? When will you be able to call her, give her a solution? Really deadly people! He sat in the living room, his eyes glared at the mobile phone on the tea table. Suddenly, while the mobile screen light up, the first bell signaled that the caller had arrived, she immediately brought the phone to listen. "Eh?" What am I nostalgic- "She did not say two words to take the phone cut off, then tossed mobile on the tea table. Not him. She was disappointed to guess. After all, how much do you want her to worry? Should not give her a solution? Less than three seconds later, her cell phone was thrown onto the table again. She raised her eyes and looked at one of the mobile screens, still the name. not paying attention to him. Who, if this is the phone of Niu Huan call so good. She was lazy on the couch of illusion. After all, how much do you feel for her? Whether or not she likes her, or does she feel moved? Indeed, if he had made her wait for his words, she would have no control over his feelings, and began to move forward. The mobile bell on the tea table finally stopped, making the sound of the door lock on the outside suddenly clearer. Three days without seeing Joe, finally thought of going home. The key on the door was turned open, along with the door lock that was opened by the guest and the door was pushed out by someone, and the ball immediately entered the room. "Joe, I'm back at the right time, I'm so upset, come over here and talk to me." She softly lay face down on the sofa, not raising her head. "How are you doing?" Joe stood in front of the door. "From that day, Nietzsche, even a little news is not available. Do you hear what Phuong said? "She leaned her head on the couch, her armrests in the air. "Have you heard that day that you direct the direction of Prophet Nietzsche, the Little Mistress, asking him to direct her respect for the twelve thousand." A bouquet of roses descending into the heart Ha Xiao surprised with two eyes, she picked up the bouquet of flowers quickly from the sofa up, look at the bouquet in the heart, then look at Joe, asked skeptically. "You won the number?" Joe shook his head sharply: "Guess." "Ai Phu directed him to propose? The two of you want to get married? "" Taiwanese law if you allow homosexuality to marry one, trouble you notice him an hour. "" Joe white eyes said. "... will not you design a big award winning outfit? Anyhow recently did you participate in the game? "Ha Xao Demonstration unidentified, skeptical asked fashion designer Joe. "He also hoped, but not. "I do not need to tell you anymore, I guess you do not, I do not know how to do it," she said quickly. "In the end, why are you suddenly buying flowers for me, would not it be nice to honor you twelve thousand times simply?" "In fact, this flower is not mine," Joe said with a smile. "Did not you give?" Ha Xiao fasting should not be a little shocked. "Right." "Not you, who are you?" She asked skeptically. Ha Xiao love suddenly narrowed his eyes, holding hands to the right, in addition to laugh but in not laughing at him mouth said: "Joe, I have not long been your fists should come here Are not you? "Joe laughed softly:" Do not do that, be careful. You all- "winked her voice, she stiffened his face with a smile, repeatedly swallowing, after new measures

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