I mean, this flower bouquet is Niu Huan's gift to you? "she could hardly believe, the expression asked dreamily. He smiled nodding his head, then took a card in his jacket pocket. "This place has a card for you," he said. Ha Xiao Lake situation can be said to take the robbery to get the envelope. She urgently took the card from the envelope. "What, superior?" Joe asked curiously. "He's going to meet you tomorrow for dinner together," she whispered back. "What else?" "Convenient discussion of marriage," she continued, whispering. "Oa a!" Joe withdrew his eyes light, surprisingly loud. "Let me borrow a little." He took the card from her hand to retrieve it, and on the outside read the words "PS: Convenient discussion of marriage." success! She succeeded! Not thinking of such a clever birth, it is difficult to escape through the bride and groom, ha ha ... very good, So cute sex. "He pointed her thumb up praise. Ha Xảo Love should not ignore, nor show any action excitement, because the feeling of yourself is like a dream, the whole feeling a lonely. He agreed to marry her, she was dreaming? A, ha, ha, she was not self-control innocent upright

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