Assuming that go to the dining room to estimate, Niu Huan not yet seen, Ha Xiao Tinh again raised a glimpse of time on the clock, the future is impatient to her early.

From the night he received his letter of commission, Joe gave her, her heart a flabby, unstoppable, even after one night, this feeling can not be relieved.

She has been through a lot of love, regardless of whether she is innocent or innocent love. Ignorance is the love of her pursuers, or she finds passionate love, she has all experienced. But never had this feeling for Niu Huan, this type of feeling, if lost, she would regret her whole life.

This feeling is really blurry, but it is also true love, not see, touch not see, but it exists so clear, so obvious that makes her not nervous.

To tell the truth, in fact, she was not really like expressing her self-confidence. Actually, in complete contrast, she is still an extremely self-deprecating person.

Because from small to large grew up in a thoughtful male class, so she constantly tried to prove the value of her existence, only regret no matter how good her expression was. , also permanently does not change the fact that she is a girl.

Actually for the clever family, the traditional concept also caused her feelings of self-deprecating, from the moment she stepped outside the society, independence and self-control also soon forgot to feel this shake up. , this feeling is really super bad omen, damn, angry!

"Sorry, I'm late?"

Suddenly she quickly recovered the spirit, she raised her head, only to see him high stooped to sit down opposite the chair.

"Have you been waiting so long?" He pushed the glasses down.

"Perfect. You do not come late, I'm coming soon. I have twenty minutes only. "Ha Xiao shook his head for him to say, restoring his usual brilliance.

"So can I explain why I can not wait?"

"Maybe, but I like these four urgent words," she admits gravely.

Niu Huan not silently stood up.

"Although she wanted to be urgent, but I was a little hungry, could we order food first, then finish talking about the topic of meeting today?" He asked her opinion.

Ha Xiao nod nodded, two people so the direction of the waiter called food.

"To tell the truth, I do not think you will choose to meet me married." While waiting for her, she confronted him with the idea.

"As far as I know, she was full of confidence before, as soon as I anticipated what my response would be."

"Is that so?" She smiled.

"Is not that so?" He asked back.

"Can you tell me why I want to meet my wish to marry me? I have to agree with you, there must be so many objects to choose the right one. "She reached for her chin, smiled at him.

"Before, there were a lot of customers who wanted to introduce me to them, and the girls and I got to know each other, but all of them were rejected by me."

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"Do not know, just do not feel the excitement is refusing."

"Even the opportunity to meet does not give?"


"How old are you this year?"

"Thirty four."

What is the appropriate age to marry.

"He looked over just a little over 30 years old." He looked at his face.

"Thanks." His mouth softened.

"If you follow the habit, then why did you meet my face in the first place?"

"It sounds like you've heard so much, so for yourself you are a bit curious."

"That's it. I should probably thank Joe and Ai, if they do not have a wide mouth to tell me, maybe we will not be able to see each other like this. "

"Can say that."

"It really makes people pitiful, the future he agrees to choose me, not because I am me, but because of curiosity, more can only be regarded as an object to me. "She smiled slightly at her lips, but she did not know why.

"This is a vague way of saying things like that, absolutely not the same as what you say." Huan did not turn his eyes to her, suspiciously an illusion.

"At home, I said that you have the opportunity to choose me, because you like my unique personality, my beautiful appearance, that he is for me is the common sense (just fell in love), create make a couple relationship, "she suddenly smirked, confidently glaring again in his eye, but not in her eyes.

"Today you do not look like the last time." Huan nodded at her for a moment, suddenly opened his mouth.

Hau was surprised a little shocked, not to think of his observation is so deep,

"Right? It's because I'm so hungry, so let's go. "She frowned, avoiding his eyes

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