Behind his back he exclaimed, "Ah, our food is here." The food was placed on the table, the two of them silent for dinner, for a time without opening their mouths to talk. Ha Xảo Love to eat just think themselves to the extreme is how it is. Dreaming of having a smart old man come true, why is your feelings now a sad part? What the hell are you doing? Niu Huan also eat and study the protest on the face, with the feeling in the heart do not understand why bothered. He did not know why she saw her frown, emotional sadness to the extreme from where to come? For work, he has never experienced, it is a feeling of naming anxiety, which is currently he is worried for her? She in the words of Ai Phu, the feeling is always brighter generous, like the daylight dazzling dazzling full of energy, find not see a dark patch, when first saw her, also feel be kind of feeling this. But today in her is not like, like the sun is covered by dark clouds, ghosts lost. To say that she is the sun, the opposite moon is more suitable for her, covered in a fog dark night is light. Moon or sun, what is the real new guy is her? For ten years, this is the first time out of the same linear numbers feel excited. "In the past you mentioned the contract before marriage, he was not just talkative?" Niu Huan suddenly opened his mouth said. Ha Xiao Tears trembling slightly, raised his head to look at him: "Of course." "So what do you ask?" He let go of the knife in his hand, took the napkin to clean his mouth. "I? Request? "She asked suspiciously. In the past, she referred to the marriage contract, because it guaranteed his rights, nor was it used to secure her. However, the condition of others is better than her hundreds of thousands of times, obviously self-activists climbed high with him, the guardian of course must be his new home properly. "What's wrong with you?" "What do you want to think?" She asked in confusion. "If you marry, later have divorced unhappily, you want me to pay how much to divorce, she may have some property is not small." Ha Xiao love a blanket look like he looked at him , as if I did not think I'd hear anything like this. "As I say if you and I get married, if we finally end up breaking up, so the responsible person is me, how can I get you money?" She said. This time changed to Niu Huan. You can not believe that in this world there are straight women like you exist. He is Niu Huan, who follows him like a simple snake just because he wants his money, but she wants to follow him not because of his money, this woman is really ... "Before I think we should try to live together for two months. "He looked at her giving the condition. "Sá?" She was blank. "Live?" "Yes. We will live together for two months, whether we are together or not, it is appropriate to live together, then get married. "" If not? "" I will give you some money. "Ha Xiao's face quickly wrinkled her statement:" I do not need money. "" Do you know we are not appropriate, want to look like before the cohabitation? "She wrinkled frowning, for a moment. "If we really do not fit, can you help me play a drama?" Niu Huan immediately remembered the reason why she want to get married. "Yes," he nodded in agreement. "I'll write the contract here," she said. She immediately opened her leather bag for a pen with a notebook or carrying it, found a blank sheet of paper, bowed her head. "Marriage contract," she whispered. "The first thing, before the marriage, the two parties decided to live together in two months to see if they are suitable to marry or not, if not appropriate, break up, farewell will be the son will take with a daughter a play. Second point ... what is the second thing you want to write? "She raised her head and asked. "In the past she said, if after marriage, I find the ideal lover must definitely divorce, she absolutely not swallowed," he looked at her said. (I'm running out of the sky.) You're bound to me!) "Yes, the contract can exist for this reason, I remember," she burst out loud nodding her head. Both men and women after marriage, regardless of what the woman wants to divorce, the woman has no right to protest, absolutely can not say then swallow, if not ... otherwise "She raised her head again and asked him. "No need to write such details," he frowned, shaking his head shaking, suddenly finding himself for the second condition of an uncomfortable condition. "Okay, done the second one. Next to the third? "She took the paper up. "If not in words." Four lettering. "If there is

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