small, must stay together until the baby is born. If bilateral wants divorce, custody must belong to the south, "he said. Ha Xiao suddenly suddenly wild. She never thought about having a baby, she thought marriage or divorce was a matter of two people. But if they actually had a baby while they were married, then ... she suddenly became unidentifiable. "If the divorce is because you find the right person, can you also have a child together, our children should not have to care for me?" She looked at him, hesitating. "You can also have a baby with another baby." "Once married enough, I do not want to have a second marriage, so there will not be a baby at all," she shook. Shook his head, expressing his protesting expression. "This kind of love is hard to say." "I'm the one who knows me best, I will not remarry again," her voice was firmly assertive. "So, the first condition can not agree?" Huan nib fuzzy frown, the hands folded in front of the chest then lean back on the back seat, calm the mind gas. "Maybe when we have not identified who we really love, we do not give birth to baby?" Ha Xiao Love wondered for a moment asked questions. "So we do not identify the enemy before the death of the angel before marriage, free to come close, it is annoying," he said. "Want to determine who really loves you?" She asked him. "It's a matter of concern." "We're moving into a dead end, right?" She said angrily. "You never thought of the kid before, did you?" He looked at her. "I am the only child, my parents have been dead for a few years, the house is left alone for me, so I think, if we really married, must give birth to many children. "He mused a little, explaining why he wanted a baby like that. "So that. I also have a problem to ask you? "He revealed the protesters would ask. "How does a child have sex for you?" "No. I would like to be active, but not to follow the lineage. "" If you ask me if you like boys or girls? "She asked. "Daughter." "Very good, let's just make that decision. If we divorce when there is a child, then the man I nurture, the foster brother, we depend on the number of heaven, heaven decides who the child will be custody. How do you feel? "she asked him. Niu Huan looked at her slightly frowned, the demonstrators have a reluctant point, but still nodded nod. "Well, that's just the way it is." "Okay, then the third thing, after the divorce of a child, in terms of guardianship, the male is taken by the female nurturing, . And what about the fourth thing? "" If after divorce, every month a woman will have to pay twenty thousand women a month, and the other child will have another child, "he said. "You do not have to do that." Ha Xiao, a little surprised, quickly shook his head veto. "I want to be like that." "Well, there's no need for twenty thousand more." Looking at his persistence, she frowned at him for a moment. "Twenty thousand things are not very much to me." "Is it possible now that you can assure yourself that your whole life is great?" She did not want him to risk, But it is only a hypothetical example. "One month twenty thousand, a year also to two hundred four borrowed only, even if want to raise 50 years is too much, is only 1 million 200 thousand only. If worries for the future are no longer available, can now bring this money out to own, regardless of whether to invest in words or losses are not all, so you do not need to worry? Ha Xia Tinh hard look at him, absolutely no words to say. She doubts how much money he has in the end, 1 million two hundred thousand but only a small number, doubted the money is more than many times. "Forget it, as you are, just the future you do not regret it," she said finished bow down four letters down. "So the fifth thing?" "You have no request?" Huan did not turn his eyes to her question. "No." Ha Xiao sincerely shook his head. "Are you always asking for nothing?" He asked curiously. "I give you this kind of feeling? Absolutely no request? "" Is not that right? "If I really did not ask anything, did you feel that I was going through so many short-lived, unrequited experiences?" "Because she was young, she was not. stable? "Niu Huan looked at her comfortable talking jokingly. Ha Xiao love can not laugh out loud. "Yeah, you're right, because you're young, your mood is not stable." "They did not find out who she really was, not knowing that she was completely out of perfection. I want to have something, only in the end they do not know what you want. "The elite eyes flashed a glance at her, suddenly loose.

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