Going to Niu Huan room, Ha Xao Curious to see the winter east look at the west, evaluate where he is.

His room is quite large, although not magnificent, but just look also know this is the result of the designer so the light in the room moving color, making people feel overwhelmed, unfortunately There is no human, the air is cold as ice, empty, filled with masculine breath.

"Looking at your face like a disappointment." Standing in front of the door, Niu Huan frowned as she looked at her.

"Not disappointed but astounded." Ha Xiao replied.

"Surprised?" He wrinkled his brows, in an overwhelming voice.

"Your house looks like there's never been a woman there, a little femininity does not." She went around the patrol, looking for signs that would deny this feeling.

"Your ability to observe deeply."

She looked up at him with surprise, revealing astonishment and unbelief.

"So that's right, you're the first woman to come in here?"

"That's right," he nodded, giving her an affirmative answer.

Ha Xao Tinh hard look at him, after a long time dare to speak the language:

"How can she?" She did not believe!

"Why can not?" He felt interesting.

"Because I'm Niu Huan, take your human value, look his face, the most not to be the right girlfriend is the right home, maybe they do not want to be here, become the owner this place? "

She reacted with melodious rhymes to make him feel funny.

"But the problem is that they do not know that you are Niu Huan." His lips twitched slightly.

Ha's love is like falling down, continue to reveal the face is hard to believe.

"They do not know that you are Niu Huan? So who do you think you are? "She asked.

"A man can be boring, of course, his English name is Jeff." He shrugged his shoulders not wrong.

Shocked his eyes a long time, she was feeling defeated shook her head sigh.

"I really did not answer you."

" Why? Are not men and women now living like this? "Can not be so scary.

"But I thought you wanted a big family, did not you?" She said.

"I can not believe you're the one who does not want to get married so early." Huan simply replied.

Ha Xiao Tilt head a little thought, holding back his lips are not happy to smile, asked:

"So, you see me?"

He looked deeply at her, then slowly answered:

"Two months later, I'll know."

Smart answers! On his face was a deep smile, once again bringing his eyes to the four sides of the room, assessing his future in the next two months.

"Not satisfied," he asked.

"Not too bad." Ha Xiao replied with a smile. This place also has a lot of space to improve again, looks in the future will not be boring.

"Where will you sleep?" She asked him.

"This place." Niu Huan picked up her luggage, led her forward, grasped the handle, then opened the door to the room, also turned her direction to create an invitation posture.

She nodded, glancing past him into the room. This is a bright, clean and simple space in the bedroom with all the furniture, but in this room it is like everywhere else in the house.

This is not my room.

"Each one room?" She turned to look at him.

He was in a blink of an eye,

"I want to share a room with you?"

Ha Xiao suddenly felt tongue dry mouth. This man is dangerous.

"Live the same time, wait for us to know each other again." She quickly shook her head.

"It's really unfortunate," he laughed with a bit of admiration, like what he was saying she did not have the courage to take his fight, seems so unfortunate, making the nature not want She succumbed to the provocation that surfaced.

She slowly turned towards him, her expression in his eyes, and then slowly turned to embrace his shoulder, embracing his neck, smiling at him.

"Do you know me for a while, nor for a short time, to be in close contact with each other, in fact? Men and women want to know each other, the fastest method is to start intimate relationship, he said is not it? "She took a breath of feminine talk, each sentence straight feet closer to him, straight until she finished her last words, her lips were about to touch his lips.

Just like before, in his dream, he appeared in his dreams, provoking him, causing him to lose control of his arms, Niu Huan eyes closed, hands stretched out, wink immediately bring her to her close to himself, bowed to kiss pink lips

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