fragrant that he had delayed long ago. If you are active in love, remember, then how do you gas with her again? Not think of him compared to her more unbearable a little excited, she just said a few sentences, he immediately immediately from a man turned into beast, speed is really fast turn people off keep. "Wu ..." She hurriedly put her hand on his shoulder, pushing him away from her, a horrified look. "Wait, wait a minute, do you react so quickly?" She breathlessly asked. Just know you are dangerous! "This expression of yours is very convincing." He looked at her closely, the yoke answered. "Thank you." But this is not the key. Further, he continued to bow to her. This guy looks out at courtesy, elegant and gentle, not thinking of hurrying like that. "Wait, wait a minute." She struggled again to bring her red lips back. "We must or should not be familiar with the first two, make friends before then to come ... grace, do you know what you are saying?" He slightly raised his eyebrows. "Are not you saying the quickest way to get used to the other person is not intimacy?" "Ah ..." she suddenly had the kind of feeling that kicked her. Not paying attention to her naïve state, Nui Huan bent her head, her tongue steadfastly, vigorously licking her lips, then quickly penetrated to capture the sweetness of her mouth. Her taste is just like in his imagination, sweet mouth, making people fascinated. Really sweet! Do not know the other places on her, is not it or not as sweet as her mouth? He did not involuntarily tether his arm, suddenly grabbed her from the ground, hurried to the bedroom of two people. The feet suddenly lost position to stand slightly let Ha Xảo Surprise a little, from the fog sweet wake up. After a second, she felt the earth trembling, and the man was pushed up onto the bed, blinking his eyes to place her under his body. "Wait" she opened her mouth again, which seemed to be able to stop him, and his lips pressed urgently. "Huu." He finished his eyeglass and threw it at the head of the bed, then turned his head to look at her. In a blink of an eye, Ha Xiao Tinh just felt himself fall into a burning passionate hot eyes, his desire clear in the deep black man, making her heart beat faster, Respiratory system, the body slightly slightly shaken. His lips twitched, at first glance dangerous or human heart. "The look you have is somewhat scary." Fear? She seemed as if the bull was not able to withstand the dazzling red of the cloth in front of him, Ha Xiao eyes narrowed, immediately the body embraced his neck, bringing him slightly closer to his. "Who says you are scared? This is the wait. "She was not weak hearted, said finished actively raising his lips kissed. Italian smile in the nude Huan eyes flashed. He finds himself increasingly interested in her unbearable temperament, which is really lovely. Excited when she took the initiative, did not want to know how she deliberately revenge him, but contemptuously contempt him, more and more as he can not control his aspirations. Ma female this! In the meantime, he adjusted his position, squeezed between her legs, using his own self, tugging at the warm flames in her soft warm place, suggesting that he wanted to be dissatisfied with the urge. She did not think that he did so, not self-conscious one hour, but he recaptured the mainstream right, bringing a deep tongue into her mouth, giving her a burning sensation. It's enough for two people to breathe freely. A passionate kiss burns. Haunted breathing groaned out loud, eventually unable to lift his own hands up, his two legs tightly wrapped around his back, using his pressure to force himself. "I know ..." was a husky, low, one-sided kiss on her lips, one of which quickly stripped off the two of them. Her shirt was torn open and dropped into the ground, his big hot hands quickly entered the small shirt, cuddling her soft breasts, she immediately stooped to whine. Next, he took the shirt off her chest and threw it out, bowing to kiss her two rose buds straight up, causing her to hold his breath without hugging him. "Niu Huan ..." Her eyes were closed, her cheeks bright red, her lips were red enough to steep, the shape of her sexy back and shoulders, in fact it was the most effective spring, making him impossible. prevent yourself. He quickly took off his shirt, took off his belt, pulled down his pants (haha, I died!) Took off her remaining clothes, separated her legs, immediately strength move that into. She was a little rigid, as if she could not immediately adapt to penetrate his enormous masculinity, blinking his fingers on his back. "Very energetic

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