he said hoarsely. His eyes were covered with fog, he looked at her shivering awkwardly at the bottom of his mouth, the expression on the other side was a mixture of sensuality, euphoria, enchantment, he forgot to breathe. He quietly made her hold his breath, she lifted his buttocks towards him, hurt him momentarily with his breath, his eyes burning in the blink of an eye that wanted to burn. The words at this time are meaningless, he hugged her, starting in her body, the law moving, more and more rapidly, more and more rife with power, straight until he could not control, she shrieked And at the same time, bringing the climax to cover them is new ... ... Open your eyes, the original outside the window was covered with light covered, the sky is no longer dark. Ha Xiao Love lightly turned his head, discovered next to him, he is still sleeping, looking at his face as he sleeps drunk mouth raised. If this is not really happening, it's really hard to imagine. Do not think of the first day of living together with him constantly in bed, really great not what she thought, really far beyond! She admits herself has had a few friends through her boyfriend, not the first time male relations arise, no matter in fact, her boyfriendfriend never exceeded three months, basically every dream So his good fortune, from the beginning to the end only once, but should say the current situation like? Can only say, this person is not normal danger! But she found herself not disgusted with the current situation, in contrast to the whispering point. She likes him. The first time there is a feeling of wanting to be with him in the same place, suddenly turned back feeling tired, now reflecting on, why she always have to find a boyfriend to understand her? Sooner or later a good guy appeared next to her, did not she? Niu Huan. Three years ago, she had heard his name, which Joe and A Phu had also been married for two years, but the distance to them was so new, the sky was not teasing. , to the end they are still facing each other. Unstable she turned to smile, bluntly saw that Huan Huan open two eyes, two people accidentally crossed eyes, she blushes blush. "What time is it? Your stomach is a bit hungry, and the refrigerator in the house has something to cook for you, you go to work. "She avoided his gaze, a little hesitant to turn the speaker, preparing to go down the bed, again he used a hand. took her back, straight into his heart. He turned around and put her under her body, then on top of her she was staring at her. Ha Xieu The sudden breath stops breathing. Will not you want to? All afternoon they are in bed! "Your face is red," he said. She was stunned, not thinking about what he would see. "Yes!" She did not want to give up. "Want to know whether or not you set a mirror for me to see?" He teased the corner of his mouth raised. You are so hateful, how are you kidding me? "I'm hungry, are you going to treat that with the guests?" She barked at him. "I'm not a guest." He clawed at her flushed cheeks, like her beauty and the emotion she brought. "What are you not?" "Your fiancée," he said without hesitation. She hugged him with a gentle smile, then asked frowning: "So, you treat your fiancée, starving?" Niu Huan is not made her laugh out loud. , he turned his body slightly kiss her a little bit, and kissed her, some time later raised his head as she said: "I go to wash first, I go to work." do what? I said before that I do not want to eat instant noodles. "She squeezed the delicate eyes, deliberately said so. "Wait a minute." He kissed her a little and then turned to bed. Heard him say so, like to eliminate instant noodles, in addition he can cook another, Ha Xao Love brought full of curiosity to wash, one side guess that he will eventually cook something for she ate Hope is not chilled juice! No matter how much he talked before, he deliberately "cooked" for her to eat, not to call her to work is difficult. This man, in fact, is inevitably elite. Twenty minutes later, Ha Xiao Love step foot out of the bathroom, around the room was filled with a scent, to make people belly cries to ask for food. God, what are you cooking at the end, how can you smell like that? But looking at the kitchen did not see him, she skeptically turned to look, but still not see him. Where have you been ?! Her stomach was hungry, moreover, in the room filled with the seductive scent of lobster food that wanted to be salivating. Ignore, still eat before then calculate later. Licking licked her lips, she rushed past the bar and into the kitchen inside, opening a hot pot of hot steam. Oa, Seafood spagetty nh nh

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