Also, what is this? She opened another pot, discovering it was seafood soup. Man, how in the end did the man in twenty minutes, can turn out these things? I do not know how it will taste. Holding a plate to eat up, she blew a little swirl then put it in her mouth. Oh, good food, delicious food, he is definitely a genius! "It seems that I'm really hungry." Behind him, suddenly he heard the sound of his laugh, He Xiao immediately turned his head, only to see him with a gentle body to lean against the bar looking. She, seeing the wet hair, knew enough about where he was going. "How can you, for a short time, cook these things, can you even bathe?" She asked quickly. "Because you're smart." He frowned slightly. "Neurology!" She laughed, missing a little carelessly holding a plate to throw him. Niu Huan went into the kitchen inside the bar, bowed to her one, then brought food and dishes out outside the table. He was in charge of the table, she was in charge of arranging food, two people cooperate very well, bring seafood spaghetti and soup to the table. "Done." He sat down, she immediately declared urgently, holding the spoon at the head of a sip of seafood, then changed the roll of noodles rolled into the mouth. Oh, really very delicious, very delicious, very delicious home! "Eat well?" He pleaded with her. Ha Xảo Tình can only use nostalgia, not free reply to him. "Are you okay?" She nodded again, after finding out that she had taken the spaghetti standard of seafood but said the spaghetti had a very rare taste. She raised her head to look at him, saw the corner of his mouth smiling, suddenly remembering what she had said to him, she liked to eat, the man was ... "Thank you." She swallowed her noodles in her mouth. , opened his mouth. "Thanks," he raised his eyebrows. "Italian food is light." He laughed. "What taste, do not you lose to the luxury cook?" She nodded her head, suddenly cackling his eyes. "To tell the truth, is this really your cooking? Will not take the opportunity while you shower, calling people bring food to come? "" What do you feel? "He did not answer the opposite. She thought a bit. "Twenty minutes of time is too short, even the time to cook, so it is not possible unless there is a restaurant downstairs." "When I first came here, I saw Are there restaurants? "" No. "Taking her gaze down the table in front of the bowl, she frowned. "These are not frozen foods?" But can frozen food really be so delicious? She guessed. "No," Huan smiled, shaking his head. "So this is really your cooking?" Mgid Every night, you lose 1kg, if you do this ... You will be able to earn 40 million per day when studying ... Men do this once a day to endure ... He nodded in reply. "How can you be so good, can you taste like this ?! Have you ever studied? "" Before, I used to work in the kitchen of a restaurant. "" When? Did not you make the investment from the beginning? "she asked curiously. "Dedicated to investing, it was almost seven years ago, but before he did the unthinkable, it was a very interesting experience." "What for example?" " In the cafeteria cafeteria, newspapers, as cleaning glass, served in the nightclub, waited for wait. "Ha Xảo Tinh hard look at him, even surprised faces have forgotten to eat. "Are you joking?" After a long time, she questioned again. Niu Huan smiled and shook his head. "But not before you worked as an investor, did you work in the bank?" She was extremely confused. "Who do you listen to say you used to work in the bank?" "A lot of people say that." "You even have not graduated from college, how can you enroll in a bank?" said smiling. Ha Xảo Surprise round eyes, empty eyes. University has not graduated yet? "You ... are you joking?" Huan smiled, shaking his head. "But even if you do not even graduate from college, how do you have your investment?" She could hardly believe. "I heard that you used to spend hundreds of thousands in a few short years to earn a few billion. Is this also a groundless rumor? "" No, this is true. "" So all of this is based on the self he learned, no one just told? " "" Geez! You are a genius, too damaging! If you have half your intelligence, well, a few billion, half ... no, I only need one tenth of intelligence is good, just earn one million is enough, I have no greed. , there is no greed. Oa, a million homes, only imaginary also feel really fun. "She was not self-exposed to look foolish fantasy innocent laugh, ha ha ..." Looking at her, Niu Huan eyes gradually harmonious . She was not like ordinary people, no

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