Asked why he even graduated from college, disagreed, amazed, scorned, or self-righteous, comforting him, saying something unimportant was meaningless, just plain Directly, only think of his current achievements, think of. "Ha ha ..." he suddenly stopped short of laughter. "What are you talking about?" She shot her eyes. "I do not think I need money," he said with a laugh. "What do you think, who does not want money?" She looked at her forgotten face before rejecting his farewell bid, also pushed her husband to pay twenty thousand in support. When she smiled, he suddenly asked: "How much money do you have at the bank, do you want to help you invest in property management? "Ha Tinh eyes bright, talk about this issue, see the immediate benefits, immediately loudly shouted:" Want! "Niu Huan want to help her invest in property management, how much? Those who have money, wealthy giants who are holding large bundle of money are not required to be Niu Huan, but he actively asked to help her invest in property management! Not to think she has also become a client of private finance company Niu Huan, seems to want to make her rich, life too lady is only waiting time.

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