In a quiet, quiet room, in the calm breathing bed, the sunlight under the curtains crept into silent silence, no sound brought the news dawned.

At the head of the bed there was a silent mobile lying there, suddenly at that moment, its screen was ready, immediately five fingers on the face, a sound of emotion sound emitted.

On the bed of Ha Xang Lake wake up again, she closed her eyes, body hand to stop the bells of the mobile phone, in the room again restored quietly before.

Should leave bed. In her heart she knew this well, not clear up but continue to close her eyes, corner of her mouth slightly, twisted around her head on the pillow.:A cold but cold war makes her in a flash of shock little, immediately opened two eyes, only saw the location next door did not have a shadow people. the other one!

Slightly start up the body, turning head looking for the shadow Niu Huan, in the room is only her alone.

Did you dream last night?

On the pillow, there was evidence that he had returned to sleep with her the night before, even though the crook was not careful she rolled to sleep on her knees, but her naked body could trace him. have come back, however, himself can not get used to not sleep.

No more telling the truth, before no, but after living with him unknowingly more and more habitually do not wear anything to sleep, anyone!

The quilt rose on the bed, she covered another layer, slowly coming out of the room looking for him.

In the middle of the night he returned, did not sleep well, in the morning to run again to where?

Maybe he will return to his room to sleep?

But speaking back, since she came to his house in the same room, he basically never went back to his room to sleep, though, and would have dragged her along too. So she once laughed at him, asking him what he needed to do to prepare her for another room, and he deepened his reply that he was taking care of him, hoping to make her have a completely private space. private for yourself.

But she felt that it was funny, because just when he came home, at home, she basically had no space for herself! The more I did not say there was a private space, because he totally clung to her.

Who can imagine a tall body in excess of 180cm, the form of smart, the gas, is a very handsome technician is so smart that no physics, the face always tired innocence, open mouth not to help him sleep, to help him watch TV, if not followed to help him eat rice, then pull her, hugging her, kiss her, will suddenly behind her escape her clothes, not star?

Feeling like being terrorized?

But when he stood up to show the childish, lovely not sudden or heady, only moderate, credible attention to her.

New in a week only, not thinking he opened his mouth to tell her:

"We get married."

At that moment she quietly say no words, glare at him, after a long time to open mouth questioned him, not want to live together for two months? Currently not more than one week!

But he took two elite eyes, steadfast look at her said:

"There's no need to waste time, because you're the one you always wait for."

And remember that at that moment you heard him say, in her heart stirred emotions, along with the first idea in her head, must be this man can make a pile of money is not without morals, because Because he not only has the exact essence of his eyes, once he has determined the target, he will act very quickly, soon ... causing her to be skeptical, skeptical of who she is really waiting for. star? Anyway, she had a new purpose in approaching him.

Thought a little, the capital to nod to say no words, so say he is still a wait, let's live together for two months, if at that time his decision has not changed, they get married.

He heard no angry expression or disappointment, just silently looking at her for a moment and then nodded, the word later did not mention that again, but from then on changed her call her. Old lady, like telling her, his decision forever will not change.

She likes Niu Huan, really like, very like. If it is possible to marry with him, living the same life together, she believes that this life will be happy.

Bringing a happy smile, she gently pushed the door of his room, probing.

No, the pillow on the bed is still fine, showing that he has not returned to his bedroom, so where did he finally go?

Close his bedroom door, continue to go to the open office, no inside. She slightly lowered her eyebrows, hesitating a little, decided to still be direct call to find more people.

Sitting down the living room floor, Ha Xiao love grabbed the stethoscope directly press his mobile number, the phone on the other end of the line rang two hours, immediately there

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