Early in the morning, old lady. Did you get up? "Although her grandmother's name had been heard for a month, but every time she heard him call her, she still could not help smiling." Where are you? "She asked. "How's the company?" She was a little stupid. "Did not you come back yesterday night, how are you at the company?" "Because I miss you." She though was a bit confused, but the wrinkles on her lips were not smiling at all. is greatly expanded. "What are you talking about? I'm asking you how to get back to the company? Did not you keep on rising today, work can not be relaxed? He should go home to sleep a deep sleep on the bed, "she said quietly not fastened but relaxed. Saying something that is easy to brainstorm can earn hundreds of thousands. In the past, how can you be so short-sighted, to think of this world will not have any money that can be easily found? With him in common, she learned that Niu Huan had to spend a lot of time with the same power to work. Although it is his own company, although he does not specify the time to go to work rigid, although his appearance at first glance relaxed, leisurely, cavalier, but in fact he has no time. do not work, watch the financial report when you work, watch TV on the go, go out on the streets are constantly paying attention to the current trends, the demand for life and desire also must restrain. In short, the other person does not dare to speak, but she is absolutely convinced that this work is profitable, paid the price, just that other people did not see how he paid, just see him collect Just like you did before. "You care about me, old lady?" He asked with a big laugh. "Are you talking nonsense?" She whispered. "How long do you want to work for a few days? If you later marry for the kind of people like him, 3 days do not see the old man, where are you skeptical ultimate want to marry what? "So I can have a smart old man with a lot of names on him!" He teased her. "That's right, I'm going to be the smartest old man to make money, I do not bother him anymore," she said, and she cut off the phone. Angry, she really cares about him, he is looking for opportunities to borrow the reason to tease her first, really is very angry! Linh linh ... The phone in his hands immediately, no need to think he definitely know, but she absolutely did not listen, more important now she must prepare to work again. Raising his head glance at the living room one, this new discovery, though, has its own rooms but it is shared. She got up and went to the washroom, combing her clothes, preparing to leave the house. But in this moment the living room phone stopped ringing, stopped again, placed the phone on top of the bed, turned around to prepare something, and did not have time to pay attention to it. Bathing, changing clothes, makeup, and finally put on shoes in the foot, Ha Xảo Tinh quickly see his face in the mirror. To be perfectly fine, you have to go, because if you do not go then it is really late. Putting the cell phone in the leather bag, she refrained from looking at how much Niu Huan called the total number of calls. Oh, a total of fifteen misses, really bullied him home. Shaking her head, she quickly dashed out the door, deciding that after getting in the car to call him back, it was not immediately before the door, suddenly heard the door sounded open key. lock, she surprised stop all actions, not yet much thought, Niu Huan rushed to push the door on. Her eyes widened, unbelievably turned up and asked: "How do you come back?" Seeing her not yet out the door, Niu Huan sighed momentarily with a sigh of relief. "I will not accept your phone." He looked at her without turning his eyes, opening her mouth to answer her question. Ha Xiao Love moving look at him, suddenly do not know what to say. Because she did not pick up the phone, so even her sleeping time was not there, he ran from the company to go home? "Just then, you said that the other one was completely ignorant of him, just a joke." He was serious, and his eyes were on a sudden ray of light. He however, but afraid of her misunderstanding that hurried back to her explanation, also afraid of her anger without paying attention to him, this man is really .... In the warm heart, not fast forward, his confused eyes slightly kissed his nose. "I have no anger nor misunderstandings, just rush to work, so that time to have your phone again," she said quietly for him. "Really?" He wrapped around her waist, still a little worried, looking at her. She nods her head, suddenly discovering everything is no longer important. "Are not you doing a lot of work? Suddenly c

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