Would not that affect your work? "she asked anxiously. "You can not permanently affect your work," he looked at her. "Did you have that character?" She was astonished at the thought, holding on to her frown. "I mean, you told me it is more important than work!" He glowed lightly, the arms tightened on her hips, quickly punished her closer to her a little. "Did not she?" She asked, too. "What do you mean?" She asked. Niu Huan lowered his eyebrows, took a look at her slightly stunned expression gazed at her a bit, deliberately took a breath of his mouth: "please do as your manhunt." She sulkily glared at him. "I do not want you to go to the company, obediently at home to sleep on me," she said without holding hands to remove only his eye glasses, softly clawed his two eyes: "he See this guy, dark circles are seen this. "Nude Huan looked at her, absolutely do not want to hear her say so. This girl does what is always direct, even care is the same, so he should think sooner or later she will not pick up his phone, absolutely can not be angry with him, because if she really The discomfort of his words, will definitely come to the place to swipe him up to the right. "OK. But you also have conditions. "He looked at her request. "What condition?" "You have to stay home to help me sleep." She knew right away. But forget it, anyway now it is late, today to rest, one afternoon afternoon to go. "Okay," she smiled nodding. "How old are you, why are you so busy lately? Yesterday suddenly suddenly asked permission not to go to work, mobile phone can not call, no phone in the house, no one caught the camera, how did you finally home? " Zhang Zhen is not open-mouthed instant resentment cling to her inquiries. "For what? Find you have a job ah? "Ha Xiao love charge sets do not stop, directly go to his seat. "You do not have a job, you're a manager!" He closed his eyes close to her. "What did he find me?" She sat down to bring the leather bag to the table, one side to repair the table was a mess of documents, a side not quickly asked. "I do not know, but very angry." "He does not angry every day?" In fact, since she knew he was a two-handed fisherman who did not feel excited, he always found her annoying. "That's right, but this time, I'm talking about Cao Cao, Cao Cao!" Zhang Zhen winked. "Ha Xảo Tình!" The entrance to the office suddenly transmitted a thunderbolt. She looked up at the entrance, only the manager was standing there flipping her eyes. "What's wrong, boss?" She did not think so. "You immediately went to my office." He got angry at the order, then turned around. Hao Xiao shrugged, eye recovery later, do not pay attention, continue to repair the small desk. "Billionaire, manager called me right away." Seeing her did not mean to stand up, Truong Chan kindly reminded her. "I hear it," she replied sheepishly. "Why are you still here?" "I do not want to meet him." "Billionaire!" "Do not go in this mess, I have a lot to do. If you are free, go buy me a cup of milk tea. "She mistook him. "He's a billionaire," I say, and I'm your bachelor. "She finished and patted the top of her head," Good, come buy me milk tea. " Totally irresistible beauty of the school, Truong Chan reluctantly sighed, must immediately stand up to buy her help milk tea. He just left immediately, his colleague Thach Lap stepped to the message as the manager Tran fire, want her: "immediately, immediately" go through the command. She broke her lip, finally letting the repair work aside, slowly stood up to go to the manager's office. Even knocking at the door, Ha Xiao Love directly pushed the door to enter. "What are you looking for, manager?" She stared at him. "What did you have yesterday, why did not you come to work?" Asked the interrogation manager. "I made a call to ask permission." "Will I accept your leave?" "Without consent, is not entitled to rest? Together, I remember clearly on the company's regulations do not have this clause. "" Ha Xiao love, in the end in her eyes have a manager like me or not? "Chen asked angrily. "I do not have to call you the manager?" She purposely asked back. "You ... you do not see anyone, do not think the general manager back, I can not do anything about you!" "Well, how do you want to touch me? Take me to another place crying is to help, still bring a bunch of people to work hard for me to do? It was not that I wanted to chill cold water on him, he was not sure how to manage me,

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