Finally, the general manager further confirmed my ability. And he can continue to be my boss, because he has the support of his late colleague, who was also his father before leaving to leave his company. "She said no straight food. "You have the courage to say it again!" Chen's face resolved to become more and more white, he could not quite croon. "I do not want to waste time, because I have a lot to do, unlike you have free time. If you look for me just to show that you are still my leader, then you can do it, let me back down. "With that, she turned around. "You stand for me!" He panted for her. Ha Xao Love sets stop, turn to look at him, boring demonstrators do not patience. "What's going on?" "You're out of the company, now you're off work!" She shrugged a little, refusing to look down at him. "I do not need to teach you, but I think there's a reason for wanting to sack an employee. Is it because you think the CEO in the same deal you think I do not look at anyone, or the reason I have the habit of catching two men to hand over two men, immediately approve of him fired? but he did not smile at him, curiously asked. But what amazed her the most was that the manager did not have the cause for her rashly satirical whisper that too shy, but also happy smile. "The company's important conference was broken, you know?" He grinned. Ha Xao Surprise a little shocked, frowning confused eye: "What are you thinking?" She asked quietly. "I do not think I need to say you must know," said the CEO, "who cares about this company's contract with the Congregation, the outcome of yesterday's meeting. did not find the person, also brought all the related materials locked, can you imagine at that moment the CEO's expression angry how? "he revealed face kicked off the well, smiling . "He did not tell me yesterday to have a meeting!" Ha Xao love hard to believe, two eyes wide, can not be angry. "I think you have to know, let's say the time when the applicant is not to leave is not she?" Ha Xiao The bottom of the heart slightly shaken. That's right, even if he's wrong, but the wrong person is also her, she should be responsible. "I know, like this, I'm going to start handing over to the next one, then I'll go." She nodded her head and said without waiting for him to respond, turning the door open. go out. "How are you doing? No work? "Just saw her out, Zhang Zhen immediately ran back concern. "Do you really leisure, do not have anything to do?" Ha Xa Tinh looked at him. Truong Chan shrugged his shoulders, because he and Ha Xảo Tình were together. They all dealt with each other, although they had the capacity to work, but they were not used at all. Ha Xảo Real facts also know this point. "If you have been so leisurely, follow me here," she said, deciding to hand over the work to the students who were capable of not being inferior to her. She thought to herself that she was a sinner, but the chief executive went over to her and said, he would be a good man, and would not treat the talent unfairly. She will resign but still will write a letter of recommendation, hoping the CEO when she sees her application, also respect her because the company made a lot of merit, will give Zhang Chan a chance. This is the only thing a student like her can do to help him. She did not clean up before anyone else, she just quietly collected stuff, Ha Xiao Love spent two days urging students to collect together to make him little more to save life, then write a petition for a slight resignation He put on the CEO's desk, immediately quit the company. Mgid This crazy method helps the girl make 50 million ... Just use before sleeping and smelling bad breath ... Only 3 drops and she will not let you get out of bed. As usual, no one found out she temporarily removed from the position of work, except for outside the face does not have a good smile smiling male hands. Yeah, he thought she was kicking him out of the company, he straightened her, would she starve? If he had this idea, it would be stupid, foolish! This with her work capacity is not related, but in that she fit a lot of money, driving her good is not better. Niu married Huan has heard that she was unemployed, even high up the direction she kissed hug again, compared to winning more than a lot of excitement, because he said so she can concentrate on him, Dedicated to his child, dedicated to help her husband teach children. And say, want her to replace him at least

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