Three children, which is currently trying to fit. Remembering the last night his face said these words, she happily raised her mouth. "What are you thinking, in this alone laughing?" Huan asked her an hour. Suddenly he appeared, making her feel so alone. She raised her eyebrows openly and asked, "Why are you here?" "Worry about my mood, so come to this place with me. Incidentally, it seems that he has been worried a lot. "" Not like that, really confused is not very good, because seeing him should have such a change. Thank you for coming to see me. "She suddenly hugged his arm, leaned close to him, raised his head to his voice slightly. Her smile was very enamored, making him momentarily suppressed not to duck her head slightly kissed. "What do you want to eat dinner?" He asked her. She did not answer, the back suddenly sent a sound of impatience. Ha Xảo Tình! Please wait a minute! Is the sound of the general manager. Her foot stopped to turn to see, just look at the director's impatient face, rushed her direction ran. "Why did you give me a resignation letter, what happened?" The general manager even breathed in, holding the envelope in his hand, and head straight to her questioning. "I said the reason is very clear, the general manager did not see?" She glared at, incomprehensible. "But I'm from beginning to end not saying you have to be the one responsible for this! Did I say? "The look on the face of the steward seriously stared at her. "No, but is it?" "Is it or not Chen manages her to tell her to take responsibility?" He suddenly broke her words. "I know he's still picking you up, but I'm not telling you either, I do not care what he says. This request for resignation I hope you get back, I will go find him talk later, she rest assured. "" Not, general manager. "Ha Xiao Shook head, refused to accept the letter of resignation that. General manager surprised her. "I did not just resign because of this," she explained. "Not just for this?" "Yes, the truth is I'm going to get married," she said shyly. "Married?" General manager has a blank spot. "Hello, I am the fiancé of Xiao Love, called Niu Huan." Niu Huan momentary voice. General Director turned his eyes to him, this new discovery of the Ha Xiao love there is a male standing next to him. Niu Huan? In his mind suddenly there was a bit of doubt, looking at the tall man wearing glasses in front of him. "This is my business card." He received the card, bowed, "private financial management company Niu Huan" eight words like thunder in the ears, causing him to agitate in a flash, briefly he understood. Originally ... Have Nu Huan as a fiancé who should also go to work? The general manager did not sound a single breath. Although nostalgic a talent like Ha Xiao Love, but watching the situation, he can only accept her resignation.
Finally, the general manager further confirmed my ability. Bạn có thể tiếp tục để là boss, vì nó có hỗ trợ của nhân viên của bạn, mà cũng cũng có người mà father before leaving his company. "She said no straight food." Chen's face resolved to become more and more white, he could not quite croon. "I do not want to waste time, because I have a lot to , unlike you have free time. If you look for me just to show that you are still my leader, then you can do it, let me back down. "You are out of." The company, now you're off work! "She shrugged a little, refusing to look down at him." I do not need to teach you, but I think there's a reason for wanting to sack an employee. Is it because you think the CEO in the same deal you think I do not look at anyone, or the reason I have the habit of catching two men to hand over two men, immediately approve of him fired? but he did not smile at him, curiously asked. Canh, what was it that most managers did not have cause for rashly satirical whisper that too shy, but also happy smile. "The company's important conference was broken, you know?" He grinned. Ha Xao Surprise a little shocked, frowning confused eye: "What are you thinking?" She asked quietly. "I do not think I need to know," said the CEO, "who cares about this company's contract with the Congregation, the outcome of yesterday's meeting. You think that's the moment of the CEO's expression angry? "he revealed face kicked off the well, smiling. "He did not tell me yesterday to have a meeting!" Ha Xao love hard to believe, two eyes wide, can not be angry. "I think you have to know, let's say the

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