Good morning, old lady. "

Do not get up early to go to work, can be with the person who falls in love with sleep is a good feeling, Ha Xảo Tinh smile slowly raised his head, accept the kiss of Niu Huan.

"Why are you getting up so early?" She asked. He worked a day and a night so he just had time to rest in bed, hoping she could sleep a little more.

"Do you know what time it is?" He suddenly grinned.

" What time?"


Hao Xiao love open wide eyes with incredible looks.

"Why can not you beat me right? Even if my days off at home have never fallen asleep for more than ten hours, now it can not be over noon. "She shook her head in disbelief.

"Do not you know what this represents?" He asked in a pleasing manner.

She looked skeptical. delegate for something? Are you lazy?

"Last night, you made me tired of trying to kill you!" He lowered his head and bit her ear.

A hot gas suddenly rose to her face, she refrained from glaring at him one. It really is ...

"Today to the company to help you." He kissed her on the side of a request.

' not today."


"I have to go home today."

"What did you get home for? Your imagination has all moved here! "He frowned frowned said.

"It's not about the honeymoon that I hired before, but the return home of Hsinchu."

"I have to go home to my mother?"

Mother house two words make the love Ha Xảo Love from darkness becomes bright.

"Right back to my mother's house because this is my home." She smiled at him

"I came back with you," he said, raising his head.

Ha Xảo Immediate use of shaking head.

"No, do not you have to fit in today, is the busiest day of the week? You do not have to go with me, I'm the only one. "She quickly refused to basically not find that she had hidden his tail.

'Do you have something to forget to tell you right?' She silently gazed at her, her gaze fixed on her.


He was serious, not her grandmother, but his name

- I have not mentioned him to his family. Emotionally dressed in a moment Ha Ha Tinh finally answer.

bruising the heart of anger immediately wrinkled eyebrows, feeling the point of disappointment.

- Why? He asked her quietly

- Do you want to change the basic idea do not want to marry him.

- Not! she immediately responded.

- So why? We have been together for a month, based on the plan, half a month later will get married why do not you tell the family heard about him.

Ha Xao Tears did not immediately respond to the question he asked, but on the face is gradually covered by a dark shadow.

Niu Huan did not urge her, patiently waiting for her to open her mouth

"My grandfather has a total of three sons and four daughters," she said slowly

"You both died very early, you two get married twice, your first wife because of not born son should be forced divorce. His second wife is a family-owned wedding to marry but can not be born son but can continue to daughter-in-law Ha. The couple was also married twice, and her mother gave birth to four females at the fifth birth because it was difficult for her to die. Less than half a year later, the family listened to my mother's wedding day at home. "

"My mother is the fourth daughter Ha married, the door less than a year has been born leader for Ha, although she later gave birth to two children can not produce more boys It also did not affect her status in Hanoi. Although, the only grandson in the family because of being small since childhood so no education or occupation or go to work in the heart of the story but his grandparents are still great grandparents. We are from the beginning to the end who compensate for him. "

"For me that you are the priceless valuables compared to the precious more precious" Niu Huan hugged her in the words said.

Ha reluctantly smiled a little.

"My family has a strong respect for women, they do not respect granddaughter so the son is also treated badly. This is the situation of my three brother-in-law, my brother-in-law so that the same two sister divorced. The remaining two brother-in-law if not back to Hsinchu, one year back missing one missing. "

"Are you worried about me just like them?" Huan asked for her.

"It's not that I'm worried but I'm not expecting it." Her expression filled with anxiety and looked at him

"Niu Huan, marriage is the story of two people we hope that he is a good old man do not need to be the son-in-law or niece of good Ha"

"Do not you think I'll be like my second brother, eventually choosing to divorce?"

Ha Xiao Love using shaking head

"I just do not hope you have a relationship with me that was scorned by others. If they treated him like my brother-in-law, I would not fight with them. I do not want you to see her

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