I quarrel with the family. "She knew he was desperate for family affection, always wanting to be warm, but her home in New Truc was not a ray of this kind of air, she did not want to make hi his hopes disappear. Nui Huan now understand that she is because of him that think so. "Thank you." "Sorry" for not giving him the warm feeling of the family that felt guilty. Niu Huan shook his head, bowed to her lips as comforting as she wanted her to not think so much. "Do you want to drive a car or drive me home?" After a long moment, he looked up at her and asked. "I want to take the train." "Then let me take you to the station when I get back to call you, I will pick you up." "Yes." Go out of the station, Ha Xao. It's been a year since she last returned to nee Truc but her feelings are not long enough because she does not think she'll be back. The place is full of childhood memories of his uncomfortable. It is true that the entire family said that they did not want to return to Hsinchu, not her two brothers, but her. Because after graduating from college, independent economics, has passed six years the number of times she went home even the first five fingers count rhyme surplus, more each time back home are lowered the ultimatum, This is certainly no exception. Mom and Dad alternate to send her cell phone messages over the phone several times, wanting her to return home today, if she arrived yesterday without sending a reply, they will today go to their own. Taipei escorted her back. Because they do not want to make things become loud, also because they do not want to discover the existence of Huan Huan, she had to return to a trip. A hurricane blew away, distracting her long hair. She brushed her hair a little backwards, twisting her head from the leather bag to a hair tie, tied her hair into a ponytail. The winds in Hsinchu are always the same. The side of the ear suddenly transmitted to the motorbike, the sound from the distance approaching, closer and closer to her. She moved quickly moving charges across the road, giving way to the car passing. "Sister ?!" A familiar voice shouted to her in a blink of an eye raised his head, only found her daughter Xảo Ngoc face surprised march, sitting on the motorcycle looked at her. "Where do you want to go?" Ha Xiao Tinh asked. "I told you to go to the station waiting for you, do not think you come back so early. In the afternoon I do not go to work? "Ha Xao Ngoc in a blink of an eye constantly asked her. "An." She took an hour, walked directly to her sister, climbed up behind the motorcycle. Taking the bus back home, at least half the way, having a car instead of walking is best, no more- "Run a little slow." "I do not believe in my car!" She is not thinking back to the warm family that is too early. "My sister, this time I have not been back for a long time." "She returned just to make those conservative people increased the anger only, back to what?" Ha Xiao shrugged. "But actually, I did not see one more attractive again." "Beautiful again, not beautiful sister." Ha Xao Ngoc laughed a voice: "You know, Sister Tu? The teachers in the school now still randomly mention you several times! "" We? "" It is she, Thi Anh Diep school, Say Hai school billion, also Quan Chi Yen school , four of you. "" Huh! "Ha Xiao love can not be quiet one hour. She was despised to be equalized with the other three rivals. "Dear, we heard that in the past four of us were very famous in the home school, is a celebrity in the school. They are equally excellent, so why not a? "Ha Xao Ngoc curious asked. "I have not heard a mountain can not have two tigers, a country can not have two kings?" "As a sister and grandfather is not it?" "No, we disagree not to discuss. that, because of dissatisfaction with the half sentence of each other. "" Ha ha, authentic, "she smiled excitedly. "Brahman, do you know this time they found you back to what is it?" She suddenly took the motorcycle stopped at the roadside, then slightly lowered, not fast not slow open her mouth: "Sister. Do not know, my sister? "As soon as she saw the reactor is aware of the bizarre. "If you know I still ask you?" Ha Xao Sound calm, from the car down: "Happened what, Ha Hoai Phu caused trouble, want to go back to think The solution? "" That's right. "Ha Xao Ngoc brought the engine off. "Brahma, I do not have the same feelings with you play guessing." She refused to want to bow. "Brother does not know when to start, out of people's debt is a lot of money, two months now someone comes to the door asking for money," he bowed, clenched the key ring said. "I just know, I just know certain is because of the needle metal of Ha!" Ha Xiao Anger can not stop, biting teeth said: "They want to like, want you to go to the bank loan Instead of Ha Hoai

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