She shook her head. "This time heard the debt up to a lot." "So .." Ha Xiao love brought his arms folded in front of the chest, three steps straight. "Bank loan is not enough, you want to borrow us loan interest? Last time they borrowed their name. There was another way to repay the loan, she also said, the next time not to cite this reason again. This time Ha Hoai Phu was forced to cut their hands tight legs, they also do not think that she spent a fraction of money, rather he recovered confused! "" Grandpa also do not want to call her Deal with the consequences, fourth sister. "Ha Xao Ngoc voice. "You?" She did not even believe. "He was going to bring her a married man with money, today called her back is to see the face." Ha Xảo Winking glance big eyes, thinking of yourself wrong. "What do you say, Taoist? Say it again. "" You know ... "She also knew this was a difficult situation, not sure how to look at her, not know what to say to comfort good. "So they calculated to sell her instead of Ha Hoai Phu to pay the debt right?" Ha Xiao love a calm, suddenly laughed cold voice. "Are they naive or not? Do you think you are a three-year-old, very docile child? "" My grandfather and his three children said, What do you say? "Ha Shocked angrily. "My sister, now I finally know why my sister, sister, sister three times before married so early, they roughly know soon that this type of love will arise." Ha Xao Ngoc "I know you will not listen to my grandfather," she said, sighing. "But she was so pitiful, because she had not dared to do anything to her grandfather or father. , they want her to marry, she will definitely listen. "She wanted to get angry and say no. After all, what is the family like, what kind of family do they want to be? Now is the twenty-first century, the era of human freedom is heightened, there is a kind of love to sell girls to spoil the glory, they are all crazy! "I will definitely not give you a Cure or you must marry someone you do not love." She steadfastly pledged. "Sister?" "Two of you are over the age of eighteen, have the right to self-control. To say that, stay in this house just because of tuition and living expenses, before may be your burden, but later you will raise the children. "" Tu private ... "Ha Xao Ngoc wink the red eye, the vocal cords also choked up. "Come, sister and sister come home to collect luggage. What is the specialty? Are you at home? "" Grandfather will not let us follow you, Lady. "She shook her head like a pecker. "Legs are on you, just want to walk away." "I thought, but what's your brother's debt now? The debtors to the debt collection, three three, mother, grandfather, grandmother, how they must do now? "" Ha Hoai Phu is absolutely unjustified because they love the damage that they are now. is responsible for the consequences only. "Ha Xảo Tinh accidentally said. "Sister Tu ..." "Do not say anything, go home first and then say later." She forgot to call Niu Huan to tell her that she had been sitting on the train to Taipei. When I got off the train, the moon was already high, so I thought about it. Do you want to call me crazy? Forget it, it's still the taxi itself that looks quicker, but it's like returning home with that cold family a little earlier. He could not help but touch his cheeks with a smile on his petal lips. This is her position in the house is not anything, for a girl a year did not see eyes, granddaughter, they have not said to remember, not a grateful question, the number of encounters are not fingerprints Shy heart? Feeling bored? Cool. Mind is dead, how can I feel the heartbreaking or hurt? She is just feeling the same feeling reluctantly for the other two sisters. Because she is no longer in the house, because before learning martial arts, the story is not caused by the chaos that caused her brother, anyway. So she seemed to be more inadvertent. Slowly walked out to the Taipei station, moving in his leather bag suddenly ringing. She stopped the charge, took the mobile phone from the leather bag, surprised to see the phone number is Niu Huan. Did not you come to this place soon? By no way did she just get off the bus, his phone has just called? Ha Xiao turned around looking around, while receiving the phone. "Grandma, where are you now? Get in the car? Every now and then to Taipei? "Just a few hours ago, why did she miss his voice? "I just came to Taipei." Her voice was hoarse. "What? I went to Taipei? How did you call me? I'm waiting for you a little, fifteen minutes I will definitely arrive. "" You do not need to hurry, come slowly, I'll wait for you, "she said hurriedly. "OK. Wait for you. "" Ah. "She agreed with him, immediately

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