Seat down waiting. There are quite a large number of students in front of them, there are also many couples who love work, who just come home from work, the most attention to her is a warm family, regardless father and daughter, mother or grandchildren, one-family. Looking at the form they are happy harmony, father lovingly loving each other, asked warmly, laughing mouth, expressing sincere heart, her heart filled with admiration, again filled with loneliness. In your memory, have you ever had more than one day, no, is there such a thing? Mgid Just use before bed and smell bad mouth ... This crazy method helps girls make 50 million ... Only 3 drops and she will not let you get out of bed The answer is no. I do not know why, the relationship between children and parents in the family is not the most common and common in the world, no need to hand out to touch the warmth? Why did she want to put all her energy, but why can not she touch it? Heart thumping and rhythm when she saw her way a distance with her father and daughter, girls roughly five years old, is stretching out the desire to be hugged parents, but she stretched hand out, her father immediately laughed squatting take her stand up. She showed her smile, her mother from behind came to see the situation, then took her daughter and her husband a little injunction, but she is still sitting on the arm of the father, Her father did not bring her down. The two of them had an innocent smile, making her mother reluctant to glare at them for a long moment, finally shaking her head with a smile. Around the four of them radiated happiness into the dazzling light, making her unable to move her eyes. They did not know how much they looked at them for a long time, until the movement in hand suddenly rang, making her jump up. As Niu Huan, he roughly came to fast. Ha Xảo Receive phone. "Where are you?" She told him the location, just now he saw his car stopped in front of her eyes, hit the steering wheel, slowly walked to the side and stopped at the side. croosing. Ha Xiao Instant recovery mobile, the direction where he stopped the car to go, take a few steps, not self-stop the freight charges, once again turned a glimpse of a happy three people over there. She hoped they would be happy for the rest of their life. "What did you just look at?" After getting into the car, Niu Huan curiously asked. He noticed that her actions had come close to the car he had a slight pause. "One person at home." Her answer made him stupidly marvelous. "What?" "There's a house where, Dad, mother and a five year old girl. Do not know they are waiting for the car, the three of them in the same place to say laugh laughing non-stop, at first glance happy. "Short few words carry the passionate passionate love, said immediately Her mood today when she came back to Hsinchu, no matter what, she did not ask, the body directly put her face close to her, bowed her lips kissed her asked: "There hungry or are not? Want to eat late? "He asked. "Yes," she replied, immediately thinking of something else that shook her head. "Forget it, do not need to eat it." "What do you say yes, now say no? confusing time. He hesitated, do not know whether to say the reason she corrected speech or not. Forget it, even if you just go to the light you will find out, why not in front of you to tell him? She gently pushed him out, the body brought the light in the car opened to illuminate the cavity, then brought the other two swollen red cheeks the other side for him to see. "Because I do not want to let others misunderstand me, he moves his legs and hands on women," she said softly. Seeing her wounded face, Niu Huan winked at one quick glance, all covered with anger to blow up. "Who is it?" He said in a cold voice. With an angry look on each other half a day, she finally surrendered. "My grandfather." "Why are you kidding me?" "Because I'm against you." "What's wrong with you?" "An affair for me." In his blink of an eye, But on the face of the anger grows, the lips twitch, the hidden chin crouched. "As long as I know you change my marriage arrangements?" Why not tell him? He forced the mind to ask, but did not bring the last sentence to speak out. "Today, after returning home, even if they asked me to have a boyfriend now, did not ask, ordered me, told me that the wedding was arranged half a month later. "Her first sentence made Niu Huan sigh a little, the last sentence made him pause, breathing horrified. Wedding? I quarrel with the family. "She knew he was desperate for family affection, always wanting to be warm, but her home in New Truc was not a ray of this kind of air, she did not want

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