In the real car silent, traffic police suddenly went to the car door to check their papers, they did not talk anymore.

Niu Huan did not believe half a month later had a wedding waiting for her to do the bride, while Ha Xiao Tinh did not think half a month later his two sisters had to change her to marry for others, no chatting spirit.

Slowly carriage carrying two people came, bringing them back home.

To go to the two people still like the old saying, Niu Huan took off his jacket, roll up the sleeves, go directly to the kitchen began to cook.

Ha Xao Surprise a little surprised, this new suddenly remembered in the car he had asked her if she was hungry, do not want to eat late, but now she started to reply is true. Not thinking of him did not forget about this.

Look at him in the busy kitchen,



The blood of the family can not be eliminated, and there is a family like that, so how can she make her happy, without causing him a great deal of trouble?

Today, at the time, she was just too stupid to think that, so she ran away to Taipei, did not listen, did not look, did not return to Hsinchu, it was all the same to them. dividing the boundaries, again having a whole new life, living a new life that has nothing to do with them. You're really stupid. really too stupid!

"Do not cry, look at me, say it again, I love you."

Nibbling on Huan's hand gently wiping away the tears on her face, she opened her wet eyes at him-desperately looking at him.

"Are you so traumatized?" He patted her face lightly, demanding.

"I love you." She seemed to be far away from him.

He laughed happily laughing, suddenly introspection kissed her a little.

"I love you too, old lady." He responded affectionately, then suddenly turned around and said,

"Mood is better, let's eat first, then let's talk later, avoid hunger!"

Ha Xảo Naughty little people, the opportunity to turn him to prepare the table, quickly bring his eyes filled with water to wipe away.

His silhouette, because of her in the kitchen hastily rushed to cook, this scene is likely this is the last time she was seen?

She left him.

Fortunately she never told him the address of his grandfather.

Luckily she left, he found the company also did not find her.

Luckily this happened before they got married.

Fortunately, they did not intend to get married from the beginning.

Luckily she was heartbroken to death, tears streaming down again, he was still turning his back on her.


Whether it was determined whether he had found the idea of ​​leaving him in her head or not, over a week, it was clear that he had not left her yet. Go to work to bring her, go to work arrangements also carry her, even go to the toilet also look for her _._ ||| As long as sleeping with him, his arms always hugging, hugging her tight around her, just her leaning a little can also cause him to wake up.

But people also do not have the machinery, also need to rest - most needed lf good rest is good.

Continuing a week on such a busy day, working day and night unstoppable, physical strength will also be at times unstable, like now.

Ha Xảo Love sitting on the couch watching Niu Huan sleepy, tears do not control each grain of each grain flowing down the cheeks.

Outside the window, the sun was setting to the west, a ray of sunlight finally disappearing from the bottom of the horizon, in the living room also falling into a dark piece, only the light from the television screen, taking the light of the changing light of the living room, shining on his sleeping face.

Continuing for forty hours, throughout the day during the night working, more and more a week of nervous tension, tired of writing early on his face, but loudly said she is not bothered, do not think want to sleep Watching TV, tough trying to resist wanting to be with her, wanted to follow her on television.

For an hour, he yawned over a hundred more five times asleep, but still risked opening his eyes wide with her watching television.

What happened in the TV, confirmed he did not know.

In fact, even she does not know.

A hardened spirit prop up the tired body open the big eyes to the television, a tough body against heartbreaking pain to death widen eyes watching television, the two are the same do not see.

An hour like half a century, has reached its limit, luckily he is closing his eyes to her, otherwise she really does not know how tough she can sustain herself.

Should leave here, she told herself, she had to miss the opportunity he did not wake up quickly leave, ignore this opportunity, say maybe not the next time.

Her heart knows, her body is not moving.

His eyes, nose and mouth, his appearance asleep, the kind of province, the appearance when he laughed to have talk, she will never forget. But that m

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