Time to split apart, she definitely not forget? Forget him for a long time, his appearance when he sleeps, his appearance when he wakes up, the look of laughter ... she really did not forget him. Is there a method that can make a person eternally remember the shape of another, can love? Where is it? Niu Huan will hate her, because she is not from the distinction, the name hidden. Will you search for me? Taiwan is not big, but the younger one, but want to find a man would not be so easy, more than she intended to want to hide, so much that his family will not agree to help him. Tears from the eye socket do not stop flowing, the heart also no longer feel pain, all just dumbfounded. Really need to go, this whole life they are ungainly, in the next life she resumed the old love with him. Unable to stop her behavior, she stood up and gently kissed him a bit, she knew this was risky, could wake him up, but she was still unable to stop her from acting. mine. He has no province, no action. Having tried for a week to protect her, he is really tired of wanting to die, but this is the last time, there will never be a chance again. Attentive not to look at him one last time, she decisively turn around, hardships facing the big door step, every step of the heart seems to bleed a little. No need to turn your head, nor look down. as if he was self-hypnosis, she did not stop silent, not stop forward, step by step. Open door. Close the door. Go into the elevator. Go downstairs. Outside the darkness was covered everywhere, street lamps, lights from buildings, car lights just bright enough, but also did not light up the night sky black, just like her moment of this moment - Dark. One day, two days, three days, are three days, do not know what three days he is doing, whether to find her or not? Are you mad at her? Or hate her? Time is still like a slow flow of time, but her time is like stopping at three days before leaving him, in the heart of pain to death, the tears do not stop falling. Does not it say time can erase all things? Why are you so painful, painful with the nostalgia you love left more and more deep, without fading away somewhat? Cup ... The knock knocked on the door suddenly, and she quickly wiped away her tears, oblivious to the look on her face, but the swollen eyebrows could not fool anyone. Two sisters pushed the door in or saw two swollen eyes as almond almonds, knowing immediately that she was certain she was crying. "Sister." Ha Xao Ngoc look at her tenderly, lightly call. "How are two siblings together?" She joked cheerfully, a little, can not stop her hope: "Someone come to find her?" Ha Shake her shake her head , Taoist Ngoc finally can not help but say: "Tu private, she is waiting for someone? Are you boyfriend or sister? Are not you pregnant? "" No. "Ha Xiao quivered, suddenly shook his head. "You do not need to deceive me!" She could not bear to her sister exclaimed, "You're definitely pregnant, are not you? Is it because we two come back to get married right? If not for us, can you share with your loved one in the same place? Tell me what you know! "" Brahma ... "He wanted to stop her sister, suddenly her efforts to change direction to panic. "How old do you want to be conservative?" She asked her older sister. "Who is the true concern for us, for us the best, who is the one for us to sacrifice everything, until now you have not looked yet? Actually, I want to be your sister because we do not have a warmth, because the name of the place can only be found anywhere, and you can sacrifice all the happiness of your life. Our sister gave her brother's name all day fighting so? "" I want to do good girl, good niece, you do yourself! I want to change the price of the married woman, you ignore me. I want to go with my sister from here, now go always. "She said indignantly, walked to the front of her four, the body took the person on the bed pull up. "Sister, go, we go out of this place." Suddenly Ha Xiao love sister was pulled up, standing still in place to move nothing. "Sister?" "Thank you, Xian Ngoc. But you can not go. "She gently took her sister's hand apart, yoke the bar shook her head. "Why?" Ha Xao Ngoc Kinh asked loudly: "you have to marry her sister, no one to force her, she is voluntary, she basically do not have to worry her. . Sister year, talk to her sister! "Since she was the youngest she liked most, she liked her beautiful self-confidence, like the resilience of her independent, like the courage to confront her grandfather, three follow to try. She had never seen her cry before, even though her brother was down

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