The school teacher is responsible for punishment, or as a person who left the burial site to go to Taipei alone to find employment code. She still brave so persevering, unyielding power, volunteer bloodshed, not tears, but over three days, her tears flowed like a stream with no sign of stopping. Every day was tears to wash her face, she is not her private sister, her private sister is filled with confidence, resilient extremely beautiful. She wanted to find her private sister, no matter what she wanted to pay, what to do, or to sacrifice anyone can, she did not need. Xiu Ngoc is right, you are free, you do not need to intervene. "Ha Xao Ngoc bow, lightly husky voice said. Ha Xiao Shook shook his head, was about to open his mouth say, suddenly the hotel door suddenly pushed open by the user. "The big thing is not good, Brahma!" Wang Jie suddenly jumped into the room, the expression rushed to shout. He is the code structure of Xảo Ngoc, also neighbors grew up from small. "Wang Kiei, you do not knock the door!" Ha Xao Ngoc quickly wipe the tears still on the eye socket, loudly directed him to fire. "Really sorry, but my mom just called me to ask me, are you staying with me? There are a lot of police coming to your house, heard of wanting to arrest his brother. "Wang Kiu immediately explained why he appears here. "What?" Ha Xian joking a little, "What do you say? What the police say again? "" How come the situation is not clear, do you want to return to a trip? "" Let's go back together. " said fast. Opium smuggling? Except for gambling, snuff opium outside, Ha Hoai Phu also smuggled drugs! A lot of police rushed into Ha, a whirlwind of the whole house, and after a while took out two packets of opium, badly convicted, Ha Hoai Phu was arrested taking medication at the battle. , the unclean spirit of the unclear unclear unclear that he is guilty caught on the project. When Ha Xiao love ran home, just right at the sight of you Ha with two hands imprisoned in the iron handcuffs, two legs were helplessly two police officers escorted into the car, which his grandfather, grandmother, mother The figure standing in front of the crying face fell full of faces. The police whistle suddenly blasted a dizzying sound, the car started to slide, one in one, and in the blink of an eye the whole police car pulled back, leaving only a handful of neighbors to help. funny, suddenly, while the bureaucrats scrambled across the Ha dynasty, like all ten years old. What happened? She did not need to open her mouth to ask, just listen to the neighbors in front of the ear, talk softly discussing all the talk. Feeling frightened or hard to believe? Ha Hoai Phu but drug smuggling? No, absolutely nothing is impossible. Although he has a dubious nature, despite killing people, she will not feel anything hard to believe. Because opium smuggling and smoking opium are also worth arresting, perhaps for him and the whole of Ha, said this as the best outcome, the lesion is also the lightest. How long will opium smuggling? Is opium poisoning also jailed? She did not understand this kind of enjoyment, so it was not clear. But it can be assured that he will be in a labor camp or prison for a long time. That's good. She knew herself not to drop the stone to the well, though Ha Hoai Phu was her brother, but she could not control the sigh of relief in her lap. Could the wedding day come to an end? Bravo Ngoc's body gently dragged the sleeves next to her, her face was filled with horrified demonstrations do not know how to do, along with Shameless not next to her look the same. When they were young, they had never left Hsinchu before, so they have not encountered such kind of love, basically not knowing how to do it. "You go to comfort your mother and grandmother, and other things you can handle," she said quietly. "Yes." Ha Xiao Yuf's face drowned as the lifeboat nodded immediately. The chiefs stood outside the door looking at two sisters, he walked through the entrance door, in the house should have two men take responsibility, three three brothers. The two of them were in the room, it was in these difficult times that two of them should stand shoulder to shoulder, a very big attacked form becomes terrified, the other situation Relate to me like normal continue where tease moles moon, mouth murmured a little bit postcannon. Mgid Every night, you will lose 1kg, if you will do the ... The fastest way to cure bad breath is not everyone ... After you use it tonight, she begs you ... Male What is going on? "Three, the police say something? Do not tell the family to go to the police? "She asked openly, but no one answered.

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