What do you mean, the police say something? "She turned her head back to the other men. "I do not know." "Do not know?" "Uncle did not hear." "Uncle ..." Ha Xiao eyes closed, suddenly felt a headache. Ha Ha people in the end is like? She heard the sound of hurriedly open his eyes, only two-year-old Di Linh's road was standing in the long corridor steal her direction waving. She comes out ahead. "The police have said there must be a family member to the police station, but he does not seem to hear. He saw the police searched the opium, immediately following the form of terror, so still sit in this place does not budge. "Ha Di Linh voice her voice. "Thank you, Di Linh." Ha Xiao hot her head to say thank you. She shook her head: "Xao Xiao Love, you want to go to the police department?" "Oh. Except you can go out, do you think anyone can do this? "She reluctantly flushed her bottom lip. "You go with me." Ha Di Linh looked down, suddenly opened his mouth, "I have not been home for a few years, if the police asked me some things about my brother's life, More than you can answer. "" Thank you, Di Linh. Thinking of going to the police station alone, I feel a bit scared, someone goes much better, "she said. "You should not be afraid, Faith Love." Ha Di Linh shook her head, "There is nothing you can not do, you are always the most brave smart among the sisters, the only one Dare to argue with the grandfather, is also the only one dare to teach Ha Hoai Phu always when easy people. If the previous grandfather together to hear the words she said, affirm not tolerate Ha Hoai Phu, so he did not fall into the end today. "She voice resentment. Ha Xao Love does not say anything that supports. "The other ......" Ha Diolli suddenly hesitated to open his mouth. She directed her. "There is a little bit of money in my brother's body, although not a lot, but it could be a little bit of help. So, Faith, I do not want to listen to grandfather, nor need to lose his own happiness. "She anxiously looked at her, gently advised. Her words are like a warm stream of wink to melt cold soul of Ha Xảo Tình. The hybridity in the house also has warmth, except Ha Hoai Phu, Di Linh also cares about her, perhaps excluding her out there other people. Ha gia .... She eventually learned to take grudges to return the hate is not possible, wanted to throw away for the obvious but then how can not do Ha now? Can not really fate of birth does not escape, change is not? How should she end up? Since it was the people she cared about, the day before the wedding ceremony, she finally did not know what the end of her life would be like? She more and more do not know who to follow.

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