Marriage ... canceled? "

"Yeah, this is really good too, right? It's so good! "

Although her little sister pulled into a room just dance and shouted, to the point where her head seemed to fall into a coma, but Ha Xảo Tinh still feels the same as her dream.

"Is this true?" She asked anxiously, on the dim screen, unpredictable.

"It's real."

He Xiao Ngoc suddenly stopped the charge, her face excited for her nod.

"Is it really hard to believe? When I heard this news, it reacts just like me. But Di Linh said, the phone is her sister, she absolutely will not have heard, the enemy has called to retrieve the ceremony. This is really too good, right or not? Whether we run, sister years also do not need to marry away, ha ha ... "

After listening to her sister's answer, Ha Xiao Love still feel that she is lost in a cloud of fog.

How can such a sudden arise? Yesterday, after Ha Hoai Phu was arrested by police, her sister because of not able to tolerate Di Linh's request, called to investigate the intention of the other party want to cancel or delay Again the wedding, do not think the other party does not mind the plan is being carried out as expected, for what love then one day suddenly changed the decision, after all what happened out?

"Brahmin, you determine this is true? Di Linh can get someone's phone call joke or not? "She even asked.

"Peace of mind, she called the phone confirmation." Ha Xao Ngoc also showed safe protest: "Mother original still not believe, later confirmed that is true."

"But why?"


"Their attitude yesterday was so strong, why did you just change one day, changed one hundred and eighty degrees?" Ha Xiao Tightened his eyebrows.

"Who knows what kind of nerves they have? Moreover, the key is not why they changed the decision, but the grandfather has no reason to force one of us to marry another. "

Ha Xao Ngoc big voice, said the two hands still in the waist, face up to heaven laugh a few hours.

She has no way to be optimistic like her sister, nor take measures to bring the situation so simple, right from the start of this marriage is not simple, Ha because of repaying her daughter, the current kiss does not take place, what kind of pay? How will the debt be repaid? On the side of the house that absolutely can not afford to miss such an opportunity, how they deal with Ha?

Except that time, on the other hand she was worried about another, it was when Ha Hoai Phu was confiscated by drug police from where, some of him worth not much money, he would not be able They have money to trade drugs to make profit. In other words, Ha has the right to face not only that debt, but also the debt scary.

If Ha Hoai Phu is really in debt to the drug dealer, so that Ha they are the debtors, what is the way now? How do people use these methods to deal with them?

She suddenly felt tired, tired too.

Continuously through a week of peace, capital Love is always anxious anxiety gradually relaxed, to the extent that more and more blurry, boring, then start to become unconscious but become silly, I can not control myself, but my thoughts are starting to grow worse and worse.

She had been away from Niu Huan for two weeks, why did not he ever find her?

Because you did not say the address in Hsinchu before, so you can not find this place?

You can go to the company that she did to ask the house! Although she said she did not want to quit her job, but he met the CEO, the director also met him, put on his business card, if any thought to look up the civil status of And the phone number, the general manager does not necessarily not help him with this new home, why has it lasted two weeks, even the phone did not see him call home to find her?


Actually you know the answer.

Because she herself does not know the difference, no matter how bold, knowing he has the ability to help her, knowing he will definitely help her, know he loves her, know he can for her to pay all As a result, she still chooses to leave him.

Put yourself in the circumstances of others, if in exchange, she is him, she can also take this face to do strawberry home people?

Everyone is self-esteem, just as you build your career from the white hands, the man with the great power, the better than the average person, so he will not find her, The latter did not even notice her.

At the end, she chose the time not to leave him alone, should know two love conditions have been, this life is difficult to follow the previous life, but this is not her hope right? Why now, she regretted?


She has a penchant for repentance

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