If time can come back, she can continue to stay with the Niu Huan, also he married, because he gave birth to a child, then together for a lifetime? can you Except for Ha Hoai Phu in prison for life; Unless, after leaving prison, Ha Hoai Phu was wrongly turned to be a mainstream man; Unless the head of Ha dynasty understandable is willing to regain order, but it is she herself accidentally did not care about Ha, but can you? This is basically not possible, no need to imagine, so be considered as, forget? It is simply said, really do, forget it? His voice, his appearance, his appearance when he worked, smiley face as he relaxed teasing her. Breathing him, his taste, the feeling when his hands hugged her, when the weight was heavy on the body she bowed to kiss passionate lips ... They have been together for forty-six days, every day, every second are filled with nostalgia, like every single day to leave him, like every second is filled with memorial, this how she can forget what, how can say forget forget To I miss you, she really miss Niu Huan. Originally thought that long-suffering pain will drown, dying for a long time will not feel any more, but why do you still hurt? too hurt, too hurt The scenery outside the window of the train is constantly flashing behind, Taipei is also coming, the window outside the window is already dark, the train runs to the subway station, how long it takes to get to his city. You just need to see him, just look at him one is enough. Out of the Taipei station sitting in the taxi, Ha Xiao love went into the hall outside his company, quietly standing behind the pillar waiting for him to appear. According to him to the company for a few days, she knows he has a habit, understand about three, four o'clock, he will accidentally think of enjoying a little afternoon tea, coffee, eat cake, not only But the strange thing is that every day he is eating like that, but not fat, others are the belly, is the belly. Remembering the faces of the fans of the lower class colleagues, Ha Xiao Unbecked smile, smiling back pain filled. She really missed him. "Little Miss you?" Hearing a voice threatening her a shock startled, quickly turned her head just to see the sorrowful expression of Ai Phu walked to her. "When did you come back, how long have you been here? Come on, let's go ahead. "He smiled at her, naturally grabbed her shoulder and brought her to the front door. "Wait a minute, Ai Phu." She paused for a moment and stopped him. "How are you?" From Aphex, she marveled at her wonderfully. "What do you mean by that?" Ha's expression was a little agitated. "What? What's the point? "" It's about asking me to come back, what is this idea? "" Not this time I come back to Hsinchu? " "How do you know I have returned to Hsinchu?" "Of course the general manager said, maybe Joe said, I did not tell him," he said with a smile. Xiao Xiao suddenly forget what you want to say, she blankly look at him, empty mind. Niu Huan said? What did he say to her, saying she was missing due to Hsinchu? Except that time, what did you say, still what is not said? So how do you tell A Phu know how to protest? Forgive her forgiveness, accept her again-received her is not it? "Do not stand here talking, we go to the chat room." From Ai Phu around her shoulder, her head to the first floor entrance. "Wait a minute, Ai Phu /" her psychology is not well prepared, hastily exclaimed. "Today you are like a monster, how do you do it, So soft you?" He finally found her inappropriate point, frowned back to her. "I ..." Ha Xao Love to say again, do not know how to say. "Huan Huan is upstairs?" She asked softly. "Uh, did not you come to find him?" She nodded again, shaking her pained face, making the Asiatic legs frown harder. "These two of us will not fight this fight? So can the general manager be able to sound monstrous, compared to before it became difficult to close? "If the skeptic is true, this may explain the recent reaction of Soon Minority. "How warm is he?" He nodded. "Two people really quarreled?" "No." The answer suddenly made Ai Ai suddenly shocked astonished turn a turn, but Ha Xiao love, Do not dare to move a little. "general manager? Are not you on the floor? "she heard Ai Phu asked in amazement. "I came down for a drink," she heard him reply. "I want to drink the coffee I bought for you, do not you want to drink coffee?" The eyes of Ai Phu moved to his hand. "Maybe by sight

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