Friday told me she will come to find me, suddenly want to drink milk tea. "Niu said as she handed the bag of milk tea to see him. "Nha nha, the future is the soul (hunch) home. Looks like two people are really the right mind? "From Asia Enlightenment nodded. "Here, I want coffee for you, I do not make the bulb go up the first floor, do not disturb people." He picked up a bag of coffee to the old man, turn around. "Ai Phu." Niu Huan suddenly called him back. He turned to look at him. "I do not go to the company, there is something you help me solve." "Ok." She nodded, then she smiled and waved her hand: "Done! turn around. He just walked away, the four sides temporarily fall into the atmosphere of depression, making Ha Xảo Tinh not have feelings of difficulty breathing. She did not dare to turn his head to face him, nor did she know what to say, even if the vigilance was not there. She did not know why she should now, what is now, also do not know why he told Ai Phu finished quietly say nothing. If you do not pay attention to her, you can go to A Phu home, why not stay and say what? "Ha Xao What is your right to resentment? the man who leaves is you, the one who is guilty, the man who should bow naturally should be you, do you want men to come to your heart? Biting the lips of the petals, she suppressed the feeling of her breathing without the urgency and insecurity, trying to take the courage to turn to face him. "Hi" she used to smile to hide the insecurity. Niu Huan face does not change slightly, look at her no reply. "How are you?" She forced herself to open her mouth to smile again. He still gazed at her for a moment, finally leisurely than coldly replied, "Well done." Ha Xao said so, the resilient appearance began to flake out, smiling also become erect hard on her face. Very good? Did he really like life when he was not there in her life living next to him is true or not? Very good. Without her next to him, he can also live very well, a little can not bear the time of two lovers, happiness was lost can not find it? "I'm also relieved." She reluctantly said a little, then turned around. Niu Huan stupefied a little, not thinking she would say go, the body rush to bring her pulled back. "Where do you want to go?" He asked aloud. She just bowed and did not speak. "Ha Xiao Tinh." Her calm down he did not hold up to bite the teeth roar lightly one hour, using force to grasp her arms raised her raised to look at him. It was she who had just picked up, he was naughty, because she was crying, crying without sound, tears a good drop in her eye socket drops, tears falling rain. She .... This girl is finally crying what? He glared at her, angrily. He did not scold her, nor beat her, even angry loud voice to her no, in the end she was crying what? Even though he was so angry that he wanted to kill her, he shouted at her not to cry, asking her what to cry, who was thrown out and not her. But ... angry! He still could not hold his body in her lap, his tiny crying face buried deep in his chest. "Do not cry, I will not scold you." He gasped fiercely: "Should the person cry should he be right? You are not a conscientious woman, so do not throw away from him to marry another man! "Ha Xiao love in his heart cry whispered, even the words" very sorry "No measures were taken. Her whimper made him mentally confused, causing his anger to shift to heartbreaking, sighing a little, patted her back, and said to her, "Do not cry, I will Do not scold, nor blame me. "Wait a minute, he added a sentence:" Come back is good. "His last sentence made Ha Xiao Love in a blink of an eye more and more intense. You should not go back, if you have not identified what you want, what do you come back to do? To harass him, torture him, the more hurt you? She should not return, should not appear in front of him. Trying to feel the pain in her lap, her hands gently pushed him away, now decided to bring everything to an end, really ended. "Really sorry," she paused, choking on his explanation. "I accept, but I have to agree with him, later not allow sad without leaving his teeth." full of eyebrows, a drop of a trickle down his cheeks. How do you like to forgive her? He must hate her, lament her, there should be no hesitation to accept her explanation. She volunteered to hate her! She

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