Shake your head shuffling, stepping back and forth. "Really sorry, Niu Huan." She reluctantly opened her mouth coldly. "We .... Farewell? "Not predicting she would say so, both the Huan Huan shocked, her face agitated her body palm. "What did E say?" His face was pale, his lowered grip stared at her. Ha Xiao Tears falling like rain, tears crying out, "We ...... Can break up?" "You say again, have the courage to say again." her eyes are piercing. "We-" "I shut my mouth!" He suddenly broke off her words and used her strength to get inside, trying to get rid of the air around her. "I dare say a split again try to see!" He was angry can not go bow down, grinding teeth deviate her direction asked. Ha Xia Tinh tears full face look him, crying uncontrollable. "Come on." He suddenly pulled her away. She is immersed in her own heartbreaking emotions, basically can not ask Niu Huan want to take her where to go, can only at his own pace to rush to the basement parking, as you insert her in the car seat. The car quickly ran out of the parking lot, along the way he was wearing a low face, but she did not say so. Inside the car the atmosphere becomes bizarre, then a run-time to the hospital's parking lot. When the car stopped Ha Xao Love, still can not stop the whimper, basically no mind where to pay attention to see where the car stopped, until he got off the car carrying her to the hospital door, She can stop the charge to look clear, also stop whimpering always. Department of maternity hospital? Why would you want to take her to this place? She-suddenly she awakened to great enlightenment, the blood on the face quickly lost, leaving a frightened after a pale. Since your stay with him, her menstruation has come? Yes or No? "Nurse ... Huan?" She raised her head and looked at him with horror. "Did not you find out?" He looked at her without asking. She said no words, can only bow to her self do not know when two hands have gently put on flat belly. Does your body really have a tiny life? "As this test will determine." As he heard the question in her heart, he calmly replied. She is pregnant, two months, based on the date to calculate, roughly the first day they arise relations conceived success. Mgid Each night, you lose 1kg, if you will do the ... The fastest way to cure bad breath is not everyone ... After you use it tonight, she begs you ... Ha Xảo Love the first piece of chaos, the mind is completely confused, do not know how to do. Suddenly unwanted, making her do not know so dreadful or overbearing, can only be called unexpected unexpected, momentary upset her decisions and plans. Baby? She had never thought of herself to be pregnant, at least for him, at first thought he was not married with him, and decided not to leave him. But she is pregnant, nostalgic of him, hoping to expect a child. Two of them together, two months old. All is a dream? "Do you want to break up now?" The cold blink of an eye made her determine that this was not a dream, that she was pregnant, pregnant with his baby. Oh my goodness, after all is very leisurely, is still very boring, so I give this kind of fun? I accepted fate, throw away, now he gives me a new hope, after all he wants me to do now? "What about this country, I want to break up?" He asked again. No, she absolutely did not think. In fact, up until now, she did not want to break up with him, only by reluctantly being forced to bow to her destiny. Her grief, only to know by herself, she absolutely did not want to cause him suffering, but now ... "Well, if you really want to break up like that, so divide. But this kid you want to raise, you have to wait for the baby to finish can leave. "What? Ha Xao Terrified suddenly raised his head to look at him. What did you just say? "I ... what do you say?" "I have to wait for the baby to leave, until then I will not stop you." Time rests for a moment, the four sides become one piece. calm, no sound whatsoever. I want this baby, I have to wait for the birth to be able to leave, until then I will not stop you ... will not stop me ... .. Declaration of answer, she also thought he did not hate She did not want her to leave, all because of the baby in her belly. Tears never bloom in her eyes, falling down. She felt miserable, soon to be released ... She was crying, Niu Huan quickly recovered. See her tears do not stop falling x

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