Drinking from the eye sockets, he felt himself going crazy with her. "What should I do with you now?" He asked, pulling her away. "I do not want to break up with you, I cry, I do not want to break up." She could not do anything. The contents in the mouth bring out the mouth. Niu Huan suddenly sigh a little relief, eventually prevented. Ha Xảo Expressive hardship grabbed his clothes, in his heart not impatient to cry: "I do not want to break up, do not need you just baby, do not need you. I do not want you to hate me, do not want to lust me, do not need him because the new baby forgive me. I do not need, do not need. I can not treat you like that, I love you, I love you so much, do you know? Niet ... "Her voice suddenly disappeared, both suddenly as puppets cut off the weight loss rope fell. "Crafty ?!" he was too frightened to catch her, his face scared to white. "Crafty ?! You do not, so do not scare me. "He panicked slightly and kissed her face impatiently, and she did not move in response. Not to waste a second, he immediately took her hug, hurried out of the parking lot, the second time they had left fifteen minutes-obstetrics. "Over-fatigue, inadequate nutrition and emotional excitement, for pregnant women is not a good thing, need to pay attention." The doctor's words make Niu Huan think to bring his hit. death. How can you even know this basic knowledge is not? Yet when she deliberately used her words to provoke her, she admits he truly loved her. You really are stupid idiot! Seeing her face white with no blood lying on the bed, the arms are plugged into the sea, his face filled with regret the brain hurt heartbreak alone. If you are completely unaware of your pregnancy, how could it be because of nausea and weakness? You're really a stupid person, damn big dumb! She is a stupid little girl, but he is very loving to her, thinking of her leaving him, really a stupid little girl.

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